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Bristol Gathering (Excitement), Friendships (Part 2), My Excellent Day and Another Brillant Youtube Featured Video

Right I got some real excitement, about the Bristol gathering is happening on Saturday. Like I said before and I know some of you are getting sick of me talking about it but it is the first gathering in the Westcountry. I LOVE THE WESTCOUNTRY a lot and enjoy a holiday every time I go down there.

Im taking the train to head down there at 9am and be at the station 30 minutes after the start which is a pain but lucky though I got Jacob's number as soon as I arrive. Brillant OK. Here's the video again but for one more time I promise, I am excited and full of energy for this. I love the westcountry air. Its brillant.

Heres the video

I had the best sleep in a long time last night which was really cool. I slept from 10pm to 9am this morning. Which is brillant because I had a bad night the day before so this was good for me.

Anyway I realised I was going to be late for the Job Centre if I stay in bed any longer when it was this morning. So woke up and checked on the Internet as always, some of you are probably thinking BORING, but anyway I check on the blogs I normally read and then I found out Alex Day's latest entry which he did at 1.30am in the morning was also talking about friendships as well. I was reading through his entry and have to agree a lot about it because I sort of touched on these issues a bit when I did the entry yesterday.

I have to agree with a lot what Alex has said in his entry SIMPLE SUMMATIONS

Now when Alex touched on the fact that people have a habit of creating drama with no reason or intend, this was something that Dom and I talked about on MSN yesterday morning where we discussed and I will quote this again from Dom, that he "don't really like, the people who now regularly go in get their kicks out of constantly picking on somebody. I find that tiresome, maybe it's because a lot of them are young like 16 and they aren't mature enough to know the effects it has" So I agree with Alex that people we know online are starting up drama for no real reason but just because maybe they are bored or some other reason. This is where real conflict happens and leads the community to go under which I find sad to be honest. I agree that Drama is never good for anyone, that I agree that we dont have much time to look at the bright side of what the Internet can bring to people rather than saying I want to start something with someone. I will admit I am guilty of being apart of drama when I did the effing parody entry when I attacked Daveyboyz for saying that Mhazz's video is breaking copyright when I believe it is a parody. I feel really guilty doing that entry and lucky though Davey and myself had a chat about this and we are cool after that and I think our respect has gone up, which I think is brillant.

What I also notice from these friendships that Cliques are forming and excluding others from outside them cliques. I remember talking to Davey (Daveyboyz). I know some of you have a problem with him but it is a good point that he bought up. when I saw him in Brighton the week before Youstage and I can understand that this is happening when we talked about it. I first noticed this back to David and then at NSGs one where people are just meeting up just to see their friends who they talk to online and rather meet new people. I did feel kinda guilty of this when later on at the David Gathering, when I only chatted to people I knew online. I tried to do that
at NSGs gathering where I did bring along my best friend Arron and but at the same time I chatted to different people at different times which was really good. I even made a couple of new online friends (Drew and Alan aka Temphibius), whilst chatting to others who were new to me. I will admit I didnt get to know every one but at least I made an effort to talk to new people that day, which was great. So while meeting old friends again is great but at the same time I believe you should go to events/gatherings to meet new people and not exclude them. People who have organised gatherings in the past have done and made sure they talk to everyone, which I think it is one of the main jobs to do.

I did the same thing back at Youstage where I didnt chat to the same people all the time so I made sure I chatted to different people like One minute Im talking to Lucy and Tom Milsom, then chatting to Tino and his friend, then chatting to Angela and Dave later on that Friday afternoon. So I made sure I chatted to different people, I think others have done that too as well that day, which is good but I felt that some of the cliques were still there.

Anyway Sorry I am drifting off a bit and must make you bored, where was I, oh yeah Alex has said that there is elitism between The Top users + their friends and their viewers which I agree with sadly. This is what I call the Big Brother effect.

Now when we start making friends online we start to bring in characteristics that we know from the real world which is very sad. I like Alex wish that the Internet should be an escape from reality and not the substitute to the real world. Sadly I believe this is something that is very difficult to try and do nowadays but I do believe in hope, there has to be a solution to it.

I have to agree with Alex that we do take for grant or foolishy disregard real life friends, old lovers and even family. Which I did for a portion of time but luckily though I knew when to pull out lately, when I remember back at the Youstage Festival I had to go back home for personal problems within the family when I got a call back on that Saturday Morning, I told everyone I had to go and one or two told me to stay at the festival which made me sad because I feel they had no regard to their loved ones. Which made me sad. I felt I did the right decision by going home to sort out the problems.

I agree with Alex that friendships should be simpler that hanging out with them, having a laugh and having fun should be way forward. I will admit that I wish I was back at Youstage but how ever I believe that moving on and looking forward to the future is actually the best option to keep your life going, never think about past regrets but keep moving on. Which before or after reading Alex's entry on this issue Im always thinking about what could tomorrow bring thats the beauty of life. I will explain about my day very soon. So in a way I agree with Alex that wishing for something to happen rather than take action is the wrong way to look at it.

I do believe that photo albums are a good way to keep the memories of what happened at a particular event but at the same time we do need to live and not think it is over when a gathering/festival ends and then starts at the next gathering/festival. I keep my life going and going after them when the gathering ends when I meet up with my real life friends or other people I know like family I haven't seen in ages. Also life contiunes when we suffer through heartaches of either school, work or being a bum at home, so I believe in keep moving forward which who knows during one of those hard days it could lead to a promising future. I do like my own personal space as well, which I did some of the time when I was at Youstage festival when reflecting that I am having a brillant life and seeing a good tomorrow when I was on the Hammocks when others were worried that I had disappeared. I agree with Alex that sometimes we do need to have our spaces and maybe have a longer period before we see each other again. I agree with Alex's last paragraph when he says that "if we dont see each other for a little while, it'll just give us more stories to tell when our paths cross again."

So this saturday at the Bristol gathering will be my last one for a while sadly but I will be back for a gathering just need a rest from them. Im not ignoring you if you are reading this but I need to focus on my own life then like Alex when I meet you guys again at a gathering I should have some stories to tell you about how my life is going.

OK enough about that sorry to anyone who felt a bit offended with that part. OK onto my day in general.

Like I said I woke up at 9am having a lay in which was brillant because I aint had a lay in like that in ages which is fantastic. Like I said eariler I was going to be late for the Job Centre if I stay in bed any longer. So after checking on the blogs and then getting ready to go to Worthing for a Job Centre interview to sort out my position. I left the house at around 10.30am to get train tickets to Worthing. I went to the Job Centre got there around 30 minutes early and looked up some jobs and may have found something in Hampshire for a Hotel to start a website. Now for me it is a long way on the train but I rather travel far away for ajob than sitting on my arse at home doing shit. OK I met up with Steph who is the advisor who helps me out and found some brillant options which I wont discuss because that may bore you to be honest. Right after a successful meeting with Steph I went to Worthing Town Centre, it was raining so hard and I didn't care because the new HMV store opened up this week because this was a big deal to Worthing because it is the first big music chain store to open Worthing, looks like Worthing is on the way up YEAH.

So I came back home at around 2 so I could chill and this leads to my final point.

OK Finally some more good news on the Youtube Front. My Friend NSG, remember the beatbox video I put on this blog saying I really liked it, well it got featured on the UK and Ireland Youtube front pages. This is an awesome collbo featuring quite a few friends.

Here's the video one more time.

Have a good day everyone.

If I dont do an entry tomorrow, the next entry you will get is a quick one on Saturday before I head off to Bristol for the gathering.


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