Monday, September 01, 2008

Blink and Awful Lot Of Running (Trock Song Reviews)

OK on saturday night, Nerimon aka Alex Day aka Nerimon set up a Trock Online Gathering last saturday to help with people who couldn't go to the Youstage gathering over last weekend. Right it was basically like I said the other day they played some songs. Now Alex has asked me if I could review the Trock songs they played, which I said I would be able to which is great.

OK I am not going to review all the songs they did at the moment but I will review 2 of the songs they play at the Trock Online Gathering on Stickam

The two songs are Blink and Awful Lot Of Running.

OK first of all I will review Blink (Written by Charlie)

Now before I start the review I will admit I was a bit nervous for this new Trock movement thinking it could go wrong but these two songs.

Now the way the song is recorded (Blink) was very professional from Charlie it looked like he went back in time to see the masters of music who ever they are asked them for some Rock Indie Lightning and it gave Charlie the strength to come out with this song. Now The song is based on the episode called Blink as well which is in the New Doctor Who Series 3. It is about Sally Sparrow who has to save the whole course of time. I love how Charlie mixes in the guitar and I cant remember the other instrument which has already made me a shit reviewer (LOL). Im wondering if Charlie took any coke before writing the song (NO not the drug, it is the drink OK) as It has helped him to be really active with the song. You can tell the passion in his eyes and voice when coming out with this song. The only drawback with it nothing to major is that people keep on asking it every day when Im online. I think the song is still Album worthy material but I hope it doesn't get overplayed and watered down otherwise once the album comes out, I will probably skip the track which will be a shame. Still a brillant track.

Here's the video of the track done by Charlie

Blink (****)

OK onto An Awful Lot Of Running done by Alex.

Now I heard this a while and good news is that I didn't hear this one as much as the Blink song but thats good news because I heard (as long Alex corrects me) I think this is going to be the lead single from the album. Now this song is incredible, He used the Doctor Who theme as a template to help with the song. Now this song is incredible to listen to. Now I think that Alex had a dream one time where he was the Doctor and his companion was Mhazz. So they went through time and space and discovered the musical planets where Alex could find the right notes of music and then have a shag with his scottish girlfriend in this dream.

Now why was I thinking about this because I keep on thinking of Alex and Mhazz together is because I think of them as the Youtube couple, SO STOP ASKING ME OK.

Right back to the song. Alex has the better voice in my opinion out of him and Charlie. Sorry Charlie but I still love you for what you do for Youtube and the community in general. Anyway Alex has executed the song with perfection as his voice guides the riffs perfectly. He showed he is a master at generating the song which is awesome. Alex showed the rock gods that he aint going to back down from no one. Its like a mission that he wants to and thats his aim to make CC to succedd and open up the genre Trock to the mainstream masses. My main worry is that I hope Alex doesn't over promoted this track when trying to get it into the charts which he wants to do. Brillant track better than Blink in my opinion

An Awful Lot Of Running (****.5)

Here's the video of An Awful Lot Of Running and Alex explaining about Trock.

OK thats my reviews of two Trock songs.

Hope you enjoyed.

Bye Now

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