Tuesday, September 02, 2008

I first wanted to be a Rapper years ago

OK I never mentioned this before but when I was 15 years I wanted to be a rapper. Now I would listen to the great MCs like NWA, 2Pac, The Notorious BIG, Nas, Kanye West, Rakim, Gang Starr, Eminem, Royce Da 5'9, The Game and lots of others that I can not remember.

I loved Hip Hop music since I first watched a Simpsons episode involving the group Cypress Hill where they were doing a festival thing and then my brother lend me their CDs and thought this was the shit.

So one of the first songs I listened to was called Illusions from their Temples Of Boom album which was their 3rd.

Another track I liked was Insane In The Brain from their album "Sunday" which I think it was their second album

OK then my brother introduced me to Death Row Records which were a dominating record company in Hip Hop back in 97 but the company was starting to die out and got into the Hip Hop genre so deep after the passing of 2Pac and The Notorious BIG.

Now I really loved this track from The Notorious BIG which he called Mo Money Mo Problems, now the video Im going to show is with the skitty bits I rather hear the tune to be honest but its a good video.

I try to mimic Biggies verse which is the 3rd verse which anybody didnt know that. OK now moving on where my passion for Rap Music started to grow and grow and I was waiting for the first White MC that isnt Vanilla Ice and then in 1999 when I was still listening to the days of the Bad Boy Vs Death Row, my brother told me about Eminem who is under Dr Dre's wing. I first heard My Name Is and thought this could be interesting to listen to. Now I became a bigger fan when his Marshall Mathers LP and this track called Stan.

This is the long video for anybody interested.

This is another one of my favourite hip hop tracks of all time Stan So YEAH.

My other favourite track from Eminem which came out years later and it was called When I'm Gone which is a beautiful track that makes me cry at times when the 3rd verse comes.

When Im Gone is one of my favourite tracks of all time it gave me some inspiration about life in general.

Now when Hip Hop kept changing its styles and changing directions I heard this track from Young Jeezy which was about Dreamin. Now I love this track so much. The 3rd verse got me some inspiration to move forward with my life and never look back.

OK what does this have to do with me wanting to be a rapper, well it was a dream of mine which is really cool. I have never mentioned this before because I was sacred that I would be treated like a lost lamb waiting for the slaughter from a wolf. Now I started to freestyle to friends when I was 15 trying to fit in to be honest and grabbed everyones attention which was cool. Now I stopped after 16 because I was a bit embrassed to do it in front of my real friends who always stood by me and felt I would be letting them down. I know I know being a scaredy cat.

Then lately on youtube I started to grow the confidence again to the rapping again but feel a bit embrassed to do it still I DONT KNOW, but I want to rap again.


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vivaladil said...

Never would have picked you to bed into rap.