Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Best Three Days I Ever Had For A Long Time (Arrons Birthday and Youtube Feature)

Its weird I did a short blog entry last time, it was because I was having so much fun that made me want to enjoy the fun of the day where my Mate Arron's family had arrived for a special Sunday dinner to celebrate Arrons birthday.

Anyway onto the three day thing.

Saturday (25th October 2007)

My brother Roger had come down to see me where I live and I couldn't go to the gathering at the London Eye. I heard some mixed reactions but I had something else going on, where the night before, I told people on my mobile that I couldn't come. Anyway my brother arrived at half 9 to 10 o'clock which was really early. I was glad to see Roger, we were sorting out stuff then we moved onto the Nintendo Wii, where we played Wii Sports for a couple of hours. There was a decision where we were going to go to either Brighton or Worthing. We decided to go to Worthing and it was a good day I was able to get the Young Ones on DVD.

The Young Ones is really good sitcom which was shown in 1982 & 1984. I felt the second series was better than the first but anyway I'm going off track. After buying the DVD Box Set, I went to the pub in Worthing with them to discuss about many different topics including Religion, Politics, Television and the future of the world. It was really good to be with my mum and brother and we had to sort out some stuff including my brothers birthday and Christmas. Anyway I had to head back home to watch the DVD and chill out for a few hours before heading off to Croydon to see Arron for his birthday.

Now during while I was on the train I had been thinking about my future a bit, where I feel like I have done shit for a while and felt the Internet was starting destroy me at the time, I felt that my real life was going great again. I got up to Croydon at around half 10 and met up with Arron, his work pals and his school mates at the George in Croydon. We stayed there until half 12 where we went off to Tiger Tiger. Now Arron was really worried that we wouldn't get in the club because of my trainers but we got in YES.

We stayed there until 3am (after the clocks have gone back) and we headed back to Arron's place. His mates headed back home and I stayed over at Arron's for the night. During the walk back to my mates place I had a thought that I may quit Youtube because I felt there was so much drama and bullshit going on that I couldn't take it anymore. (Sorry to go Emo but thats the truth)

Sunday (26th Of October 2008)

After 4 hours sleep we got both got up and I met Arron's Dad for the first time. We both felt really good, It was Arron's Birthday YES. We decided to head back to Croydon around 11 o'clock to see whats about. Arron kept going on about Fable II the game for the Xbox 360. We looked around a really cold Croydon and I was still wearing the same clothes from yesterday because I didnt bring along any other. OK We had to avoid food in general but we gave in at the end with these Milkshakes that were done using sweets, we had Maltersers Milkshakes. Around 1 o'clock we decided to head back to Arron's place for some tea.

It was about 4 o'clock and I had met up with all of Arron's family for tea and it reminded me of Christmas because how the dinner was set up, which is really awesome. Best thing that happened was a number of different discussions could make it into a sitcom which is really awesome. It was that brillant.

Now around dinner Arron's family and myself gave him his birthday presents, his family got him a Sony camera which looked really awesome.

OK I got him a Football Money Box and the Spaced Collectors Edition DVD.

Hey Guys.

I was speaking to Alan and I told him that he got spotlighted in the Gaming section of UK Youtube for a video that was really good about Biggest Let Down Game that he played.

Here's the video

It was really cool but I had to get going to Bromley to a pub I cant remember my name. Met up with Arron's friend Chris from his old job and they spent the night drinking while I had some coke and then J20 to drink. I had some KFC. KFC is always awesome. OK we were on the way home and Arron was really drunk and I was designated driver in a certain sense. On the bus Arron threw up in his mouth and couldn't speak until we got off the bus so I couldn't understand what he was saying. Once we got off the bus he threw up. We went to bed and his cats kept on at me and couldn't get any sleep.

Monday (27th of October 2008)

I woke up after only 4 hours which sucked worst than the previous day which we went to bed eariler. OK I had weird feelings like I was so tired where the back of my mind was saying, "Something good is going happen" like a vision, I know its crazy. I sometimes feel like I can see the future or sort know what happens I don't know. We decided to head to Mcdonalds for breakfast. Now Arron was still sick and needed some breakfast badly. So we had our breakfast and then headed off to Croydon for a couple of hours and then decided to head home. My mum was surprised I got back home early than originally planned. Now I went to the bath because I had wore the same clothes for three days running. So after a bath I went upstairs to my room. Checking on some stuff.

I was checking through my e-mail and had a couple of comments for my last video "Why Did I Join Youtube?", someone left a comment saying "congrats on the feature" and I went WHAT???, so I went to the video and checked the stats and it said I got Featured.

FEATURED. I SHOUT "YES YES YES YES YES" like a football fan who had seen his team score a brillant goal. Checked the front page of UK Youtube and I GOT FEATURED. I was surprised and shocked, never expected it at all. You have to go to my youtube channel if you ain't seen the video. I am proud of the video but never expected it to get featured. I got Skype messages and text messages from people to say congrats on the feature (Thanks Guys)

Now going out to dinner with my family. I was telling them about my weekend and what happened on youtube earlier that day. I did go to the beach near me before the dinner to reflect on my life. I had achieved all of my goals with Youtube but I will stay on the site because I love it to be honest. Its brilliant.

Anyway the dinner went well and the chat with my family went really well. It was nice to be back home to see my family again.

That's all I got on the three days that I can remember for a very long time.

Bye guys



Darren said...

Spaced Is an awesome series :P

Hema said...

congratulations on the feature!!

Hayley said...

congrats on the feature, glad your staying on there love your videos!