Thursday, October 30, 2008

David Tennant Leaves Doctor Who and The Media

Now I dont normally talk about TV Show stories that have appeared in the media, but I thought I may share with you my opinion.

To be honest I am glad that David Tennant, Now before you say that I hated David Tennant, I loved him as the doctor, he was brillant to watch and had a certain charm to him. But I felt it was time for him to leave the show without him becoming a typecast, because he is a fantastic actor that can play many different types of role in the field. Now if he stayed on, he may only be remembered to do Doctor Who. I want to see him do other plays and television shows and admire him as a brillant actor for so many roles than the Doctor.

OK I was reading Alex Day's dairy where I agree with him that it ruins the surprise but The BBC and the media have been ruining surprises on who's leaving and who's coming on Doctor Who for years and years even before its return back in 2005. I think the public see the show as the saviour of television, which I see a lot of it probably 90% of it as crap. I remember years ago when the media ruined the last episode of Friends for each series and I was going mad like a lunatic.

I think the media would think that by spoiling shows they would have get some interest from the public to buy their papers or look at their web sites. Each company wants to be successful and dont care about the consequences. They want the audience so bad, that they would act like whores on the Internet to get interest from the public. With that they dont care about ruining surprises.

Anyway going back to Doctor Who, Now I foresaw this because of Stephen Moffat taking over the running of Doctor Who, now in the past, when someone takes on the Executive Producer they want to do the show in their own way not by the precessdor who came before him/her. I knew a new Doctor would be placed. I think this is an excellent direction to show it going different ways as it could get a lot more darker or more funnier because Stephen Moffat is a master at doing them type of stories.

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Bujio said...

Hey Barry.

I really liked David Tennant as Dr. Who, but seriously, who didn't see this coming? Part of the charm that makes Dr. Who Dr. Who is the fact that there are so many different Doctors. What other show changes the face and personality of the lead character every few seasons and uses it to the show's advantage?

I think this is a growing experience for the actor, the show, and the fans.