Saturday, November 01, 2008

The Future (Again), Films are a help and Hooking Up

Hey everyone

I have been thinking about the future for a bit. Things can change with me time to time. Now I feel that sometimes if you think of the future, things dont turn out as planned. One tiny little thing can change the whole day in a nutshell. I mean when I did my last video and had a sort of plan for the next video then once something big, it could change your idea. I mean I aint going to be doing a video for a bit until my last one has calmed down. Some of people are thinking that I maybe upset over the hater comments on my video but to be honest, they are more of a laugh and not even thinking about answering them back because it would add more fuel to the fire and thats what they want, so thats not going to happen.

New video will come once I feel ready and once the feature thing has calmed down to minimium which could be a week at least. Which by then I will have forgot about it and do my usual schedule hopefully.

The future is still bright. Im really excited and who knows but I want to find a job which I do find one, it may stop me doing videos on a regular basis which is both good and bad, depending on how I feel.

Ian is going to be hosting a party next week which I am 50/50 on about going it depends on money and other stuff going on. Getting to Southampton would be easy as Tom and Ian have said they could pick up at Southampton Central Station to head Winchester but I will tell them at least 2 days before if I can make it.

Now I have been watching a lot of films lately which is really cool. Wallace & Gromit, Clerks II and can not remember what else but its all good. Films help you to calm down, when you are feeling blue. Plus sitcoms do the trick as well.

OK Finally some of you will be shocked about this, I went back to the Hooking Up Channel you know the programme that is using youtube stars like Sxephill, Kevjumba, WhatTheBuck, Nalts and others in a sort of HBO programme. I am actually starting to like it, It gets better in the later episodes. Shocking isn't it. I have become a fan of Sxephill which will shock some of you. So I will be watching more of Hooking Up in the future.

Now there are times I dont like Youtube for what they feature some of the time but todays one is really good and really funny to watch. Its basically a 1930s type advert taking the mick out of George Foreman's Lean Mean BBQ Machine and its done brillantly. Well it got featured in the UK.

Here's the video

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Bujio said...

Hey Barry.

Awesome blog entry. It's sad that you aren't going to be making videos for a bit. I always look forward to seeing your videos every time I sign onto Youtube.

When are you going to post the winners of your contest? I'm so excited about it that I get the shakes. I think all the people who posted videos did a really good job, so it's probably going to be really hard to choose. :D

I hope you find a job soon. I think that working is a good thing, and it's always important to have enough money to live life.

Hope you are well. Cheers!!