Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Jak & Daxter, Sam & Max, Update and Youtube Stuff

Hey everyone thought I would do a blog today as it made me think of old games again and this time for the Playstation 2.

I was playing Jak & Daxter which is a brillant made by the same people who brought out Crash Bandicoot and their latest game series Uncharted for the Playstation 3.

I loved this game so much, one of my favourites from the Playstation 2 era which is still going on.

Now one of the things about the game that it is very similar to some of the platformers but I love the way the game comes out it is brillant family game. Im more into these type of games plus the Fifas, GTA (Which I was in the past), Metal Gear Solid.

Now it is nice to play a family game like this that is original around 2001. Now I love playing these games a lot, now when it came to the second game Jak II: Renegade. The makers of the franchandise were very smart that their target audience or original audience have gotten older and made the game a bit more for teeangers which was an excellent move and moved it to another level. I wasnt a fan of the second game, so I never bought the third game but I did hear it was a brillant game to end their series on.

Here's a trailer to Jak & Daxter: The Precursor Legacy -

I was also thinking back to another old game I used to play years ago then they came out with a new title just last year called Sam & Max. The best comedy police computer game characters ever. The creators of this game were fantastic. I havent played this but it is truly awesome.

Here's a clip from Sam & Max Hit The Road which is the intro.

I will play Sam & Max again one day.

OK onto Update now in Monday's entry I said that Ian's latest video called "When Two Worlds Collide" should get featured and that I send off an e-mail to Jamie telling him about the video.

Well good news is that Jamie did reply to my e-mail about this issue and will check it out. I can not promise that this would get the feature but at least my e-mail worked for the moment. But I hope it does give Ian (iianrando) his featured spot on the front page whether it is UK or eslewhere.

OK Finally there is a lot of talk and videos about the new Youtube Widescreen. Now I dont see a big problem with this. I aint going to lie, I think this is brillant but the only thing that is missing is making optional that you can view a video either in 4:3 (Regular) or 16:9 (Widescreen) which is the only complaint I have. Im not going to make a video about this because I know a hundred people will do this eventually.

I thought Alex Day's letter to Youtube video was excellent to raise awareness that most people would be afraid to speak their minds about. I think Youtube should try to talk to their audience a bit. I love how Lexx used them to name them which is great.

I dont see a big problem with this Widescreen like I said accept to making it optional on how you view the videos thats all.

Right Im done now. I dont think the Youtube thing will die down quickly but I rather it did to be honest, I think it could be an excellent thing in the long run. I think people are afraid of change thats why with the uproar.

Right I am seriously done now.



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Jase said...

Change is beautiful, even Youtube change.......I guess haha