Saturday, November 08, 2008

Starting a website (Design On Paper)

OK while I am watching 3rd Rock From The Sun, it made me think about starting my own website, which I am doing a notepad with basic ideas on how to construct my website with the front page then leading into other links that also includes my Youtube Page.

The Pages included so far

- Index (Front Page)
- C.V. Page
- About Me/Biography
- Other Work
- Links
- Interests
- Youtube Experience

Links to other pages
- Youtube Page
- Stickam Page
- Facebook Profile Page
- Myspace Page
- Blog Pages

These are just early ideas at the moment. Im working on my notepad to come out with how to put out the pages. I got the front page design sorted as a first draft and the same with the CV. The other pages are coming soon. Im so glad I did Web Design back in university.

OK for people who dont know my Twitter and who are new to reading my blog

Here is twitter where you can find some regular updates from me - Barry Aldridge Twitter Page

Bye for now


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Caution Wet Paint said...

good luck with the web designing. persoanally, i cannot stand it, but there is a certain satisfaction when everything is in place.