Monday, November 10, 2008

Randomness = Brillance and James Bond

God I love randomness on the Internet. I think randonmess is always cool on the Internet. Its because I watched a video from JohnnyDurham19. Hes one of my favourite youtubers.

He did something that was totally random. Check it out

Turned out he responded to the Disneykid1, as he did this.

Thats what makes me love the Internet. Its totally Indepedent and you can do whatever you want. It reminds me of the Mighty Boosh the comedy show which goes over the top with its randomness. Randomness FTW.

I know the new Bond film came out over a week and I have been listening to the Old James Bond Themes over the last couple of days including Licence to Kill by Gladys Knight which is my favourite one.

Licence To Kill aint my favourite Bond film its actually between Goldfinger (1964) and Live And Let Die (1973). I also liked The Spy Loved Me.

Thats all for now.


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el director! said...

I really enjoyed Tim Dalton as Bond and felt that he was not given enough of a chance to excel in the role. And I love Gladys Knight's rendition of 'Licence to Kill' - just a great performance!