Friday, November 14, 2008

I Love Dogs and Wordley Productions

I went to the Dogs Home In Shoreham today which was really cool. It made me want to get a dog. They all look really awesome to own. Hooray.

Jack Russell could be an option to get, I love them.

OK I can explain about Wordley Productions that I got an e-mail from a week ago about them putting me in a commerical. Now last Thursday I got an e-mail from Stephen who works for Wordley Productions telling me that they saw my UK Featured video and asked me if I wanted to do a clip to promote I asked for more information, then six days later Stephen got back to me with a sample script and found out it to do a commerical for Car Insurance which I found surprising. I have decided not to do it because 1) I dont have a car 2) I dont Drive and 3) I dont care about Car Insurance.

Thats all for now.



LittleRadge said...

BARRY! You turned it down? D:
That was easy money, all you had to do was read off a script, they weren't asking for your expertise on car insurance! xD

Bujio said...

I'm kind of with Little Radge here, Barry. But I really do respect you for your honesty to the customer and your loyalty to yourself. You have a great level of integrity, and that makes you a remarkable human being. Go You!!

Personally, I would have done it. I need money, I DO drive and care about Car Insurance, and I just freaking want to be in a commercial. That would be SO AWESOME!!

Cheers Mate!!

Directortoby said...

Haha, Barry.

I probably would have done it. You never know who could see that advert.

Could have lead to better things maybe.

But then again, it couldn't. So fair enough.

Keep blogging dude.