Wednesday, November 05, 2008

President Obama (YES), Elections, Mhazz, Ians Party and More

HOORAY Barack Obama has won the election. I think this is a great day, that true politics is now placed in. Well done this is possibly be one of the greatest days ever. I think anything is possible in this world, if you want to achieve it and thats what it should be.

I wish it was the same over here in the UK where we dont have politicans who aint passionative about their beliefs. I have to agree that one day I would have to go out vote because then I would show an interest at the moment, it doesnt seem to go that way SHAME. But I will vote in the next general election over here no matter what, its really important, I think my family are right about this and I should show interest in it. So for the next prime minister I would vote depending on what they believe in and how they feel on certain things like Economy, war on Iraq and other stuff.

I thought that Dave's blog yesterday made perfect sense about any political situation. So Well done Musicfromblueskies.

I was quite surprised that Mhazz did an entry titled my full name the other day thats all I am going to say on that subject.

OK I was really excited the other day when I got the invite to go to Ians Party which was a big hooray, now there is a problem, I was checking on the train engineering works on where I live and the route between Littlehampton and Chichester which is a key to get to Southampton Central, which sucks though. Trying to find a way around it, now they have a replacement bus going from Littlehampton to Chichester but I saw it could take 45 minutes which really pisses me off. Not sure but will get back to you on that. Hopefully I can who knows. Have to give Ian a ring nearer the time.

Well good news I may do a video today because I am now off the front page which is good. I thought it would be better to do one once it had gone off to show that I aint on youtube for the glory but to show that I am doing it for fun. So there could be one today YEAH if Im in the right mood.


Edited (11:30am GMT) - OK I tried to do a video this morning but the idea didnt come out right.

I HAVE CHOSEN A WINNER to Obama Llama Happy Dance Competition. The Winner has been notifyed by Youtube Private Messaging. I may leave a comment just in case because the Youtube Private messanging really sucks lately.

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Bujio said...

This is a great day in history right now. Hopefully things will turn out better from here. I hope that you get to go to the party, yea?