Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Little Big Planet Has Come, Doctor Who (Series 4), Monty Python and Tim Westwood

Hooray Little Big Planet has come through the post which is fantastic and brillant.

I will start playing it later today once I have finished the day with my mate Arron. He hasnt answered his phone but I hope he will later on.

Right Little Big Planet has been a big talk for months saying its one of the best games to come out on the Playstation 3. Now there is a lot of press on the game which is really cool. The other month it ran into problems because it had music that linked to the Q'uran. So good news is that it didn't delay for a while. So I will be playing it later on.

Now on the agenda Doctor Who Series 4 came yesterday which is brillant, I got it for £2.50 which is awesome. Thank goodness for the 50 pound gift voucher when I took part in a forum back in June and used it for Doctor Who Series 4.

My favourite episodes of Series 4 were The Silence In The Library, Forest of The Dead, Midnight, Stolen Earth and Journey's End. The Worst Episode was The Unicorn and The Wasp (Which it is also Alex Day's worst episode as well) Bring on the Christmas special indeed.

Next I am so glad that Monty Python has a Youtube Channel now. It got featured on the front page that they are sick and tired of people uploading clips onto the Youtube. Glad now it has its own channel Hooray.

This is a sketch called "The Lumberjack Song from the Hollywood Bowl"

My other favourite is the "Ministry of Silly Walks" which John Cleese used later on in Fawlty Towers Episode "The Germans"

It is what the Mighty Boosh could be if it was done in Sketches form and if it had canned/audience laughter.


I cant stop watching this clip from Westwood TV where Tim Westwood scores a goal and loses his shoe in the process.

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