Monday, November 03, 2008

I'll Be Back & Christmas Gathering Update

OK Some of you are wondering why I done a video for the last couple of weeks is because I want the featured video to calm down and be off the front page, so then I could continue as usual.

The earilest for a new video would be Thursday or Friday. Thinking of an idea to talk about that does include the Obama Llama Competition winner which I am near a decision HOORAY.

Ok the second thing is that I have had some feedback on the Christmas Gathering thing in my last entry and people have said they are up to it. Hooray but haven't reached a decision. If it does happen it will be on the 13th of December.

Oh yeah finally I watched Clerks today it is one of my favourite films of all time because it is totally different and is an indie film which makes it creditable to the audience. I may do a proper review soon.

Here's one of my favourite bits from the film


Bujio said...

I love Kevin Smith's work. He is a Brilliant Director. I watched an interview session he did at a college. It was amazing. He's so personable. He stayed after and went drinking at a local bar with some of the students. Really awesome, yea?

iianardo said...

Dude clerks is amazing its one of my favorite films aswell.
All of kevin smiths stuff is really good, you should check out his other movies. x