Sunday, November 30, 2008

MEG Car Meeting in Brighton

Hey Guys Its Barry Here

OK before I begin todays entry now the 5 albums thing has now turned into 10 favourite albums which it was really hard to decide on 5.

Anyway I have gone out today in the afternoon down to Brighton Maderia Drive near the Brighton Marina to a Ford Mondeo Meet Up which you had to own a Ford Mondeo which my mate John has.

So my mate came to my home and my Dad wanted to look at his car especially his engine and looked really cool. My Dad knew more about car engines than me which was really cool. Anyway It was around 2 O'clock, we decided to head down to Brighton where we met up with the other Mondeo owners and it was cool to see what they done to their cars.

Here's pictures of what happened today.

Well Im glad I went to this event today. Thanks John.

Have a good one everyone


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Caution Wet Paint said...

cars, cars, cars! love it!