Thursday, November 13, 2008

Beach Boys, Kevin Smith Is A God & Featured Again

OK Yesterday evening was unbelieveable.

OK Mhazz had put her twitter yesterday that she liked the Beach Boys and put down as reply to her that I never heard of the Beach Boys. Now this is caused an uproar on Twitter which I found really funny and I am being Truthful when I say this "I HAVE NEVER HEARD OF THE BEACH BOYS" sorry for the caps but I am being truthful.

Now Dave from Blue Skies was really surprised by me saying that. Mhazz went and said :0 (x 12) as a reply meaning surprised/shocked. Now lucky though Dave From Blue Skies, Beth and Rosc shown me some videos of the beach boys.

Dave also gave a message within his tweet to me which I found brillant which said "it's also a message from youtube, to you!" which was really sweet and I understood what he meant with the song.

The Beach Boys - God Onlys Knows (Brian sings lead) - This is a great song

Then Beth showed me a song that I thought the Monkees sang instead of the Beach Boys. Its called Surfing USA

Now Rosc showed a song which I heard for the first time this morning. Its called Wouldn't It Be Nice.

OK I heard of the Beach Boys Now OK. Not a big fan to be honest but I like the track that Dave send me over twitter. Thanks guys for teaching me the history of the Beach Boys.

OH YES Kevin Smith is a God for real, I know this is an old video but he deals with this hater really well.

The question the large breasted man asks is:

"Do you ever plan on making an original movie without rehashing any of your old characters that doesn't suck?"

and see how Kevin responds it is classic.

Kevin Smith is a genius at filmmaking, writing and doing speeches. One of the finest people I have ever seen.

OK Finally I woke up this morning and I was checking on the statistics and data for my latest video "Barry Asks (6)" and I looked in shock that I have been featured in Australia, Canada and New Zealand Youtube Front Pages.

OH MY GOD?? I was just recovering from my UK Feature and now I got this. Unbelieveable. I never thought this would happen either. The good news is that I aint got any hate comment accept for one for this triple feature. So that makes it 4 front page features. I never thought I would get featured again this quickly and especially outside of the UK. I dont think it do as well as the "Why Did I Join Youtube?" Video but it doesnt matter. Im glad to get featured again really quickly. Thanks for the nice comments if you left one.

Thats all today. Peace Out.


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Bujio said...

Hey Barry. Youtube just wouldn't be the same without you. I look forward to your videos. It's nice that someone real gets featured once and awhile, and it's amazing that you got featured outside your own country. Props to you!!

I think Kevin Smith is awesome too.