Sunday, November 02, 2008

Christmas Gathering???/Traditional Sundays - We Need It

Before I begin todays entry about Sunday.

I was talking to PJ the other week on Skype for a friendly which had Jade as well and he suggested should I do a Christmas Gathering. Well Jade didn't go to one last year. Now I was thinking it would be too soon to the Uncliche Gathering. But the other day I was speaking to Ben1107 on MSN and he thought would you do a Christmas gathering and he said he would come.

Now here's the question and pardon the caps WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE A CHRISTMAS GATHERING in December? If so or not, leave a comment or e-mail me.

RIGHT onto the main blog entry about Sundays.

Now Sundays havent always been a good day to me in the past but I do love sundays nowadays. I see it as a very relaxing and need a day that something different to the rest of the week. I rather have a day that is different to the rest of the week, like saturdays can be different because it is filled with fun but if your a parent you are stuck with very young kids.

Why Im I explaining about sundays because I was reading Dave (Musicfromblueskies) had say (Hope he doesnt mind)

"The first day of the week, or last if you look at it that way, Sunday has become something quite different to the other six. I’m not sure there’s a good enough reason for this. Sometimes it’s nice - the afternoon drinking that I will be missing out on tomorrow is the fault solely of the word ‘drive’ and not of the day, and that can be a very pleasant side to Sundays, especially in the summertime with a BBQ. For some reason it’s acceptable to drink earlier than on other days. But also everything shuts early, if it opens at all. Why? I imagine religion is to blame and that is not a satisfactory explanation for an Atheist who needs a post office. Ah well, I’m sure I’ll get over it. And I do like those Sunday BBQs in the summertime."

I do agree with Dave that religion could something to do why we have sundays in a certain way but Im really glad, otherwise would be the same as the rest of the week. I rather sunday have its own identity. I mean I love going up to London on sundays they are truly awesome because of the times they are open at around noon - 6pm. Now this is to suit people who went out the night before for a party as I went out with my mate the other week til 3am then remembering the clocks went back an hour.

Now Alex Day mentioned in his dairy that he doesn't like the traditional sundays where you cant get post (Which I agree with), cant go to the bakery for food (Which I dont mind) and the travelling early thing can be annoying unless you do it when you have to work in a office in London where you may live 2 hours on the train outside the London.

The reason we need traditional sundays isn't because of religion which Im sort of glad exists but is to help us to get over the previous night before where everyone goes out partying to the next day. Now people will know that I dont drink at all but sometimes I like to go out for a party when I am invited whether it is every week or every once in a while. We need a different day to help you us relax. Now I know sundays can be boring which I agree with but I feel if we get rid of a normal sunday then it would be like any other day, which then I wouldnt know what day it is. I know its dumb I rather have different things happening on a sunday.

I dont think religion will ever disappear at all, it will exist to the end of time sadly. I do believe in God but not in Christainity, Islam and the other religions. I rather Sundays are kept like this even though I know some of you would want sundays to become like the rest of the week especially when it comes to the Public Transport and want to have post on sunday. I rather sundays stay the same, so then it helps the party goers on a saturday night, when they could have lay in for the day and get back on track for monday morning when they go back to work.

Where I live at the moment going to the beach helps me out a lot on a sunday which is awesome to help think about life in general.

Sundays ftw.

OK I took part in an excellent collboration for 3sixty5days to do with Halloween. Its brillant.

Its a brillant piece.

Oh yeah it was also put on singtillidrop's channel but the ending of it was very different.

I do have a funny feeling that 3sixty5days and Mhazz are get together one day, dont ask why???. I have that feeling. Oh Yes Mhazz I saw a comment on yours on Daves blog where you said I born closer to the 70s, blooming cheek. <3 Mhazz.

Bye for now

Oh yeah check out the one below on the Obama Llama Competition Videos.



Bujio said...

Sundays are only partly to blame on religion, and I wouldn't presume to heap all of the blame onto Christianity.

Most of the early ancient religions had a Holy Day of the week, a day of rest. While this was a day where religious observance was the central theme of the day, I believe this had less to do with religion and more to do with the fact that people need to rest. It's not good to overwork yourself, and it's really not good to overwork your slaves...which is something we do not think about in today's world.

Traditionally the Day of Rest extended to every one within the area, including the slaves. Given that the slaves usually worked harder than anyone else they were probably very thankful for a day when they didn't have to work quite so hard. Of course, in today's world most people have the full weekend, but this is a relatively new occurrence. It used to be that only one day was restful and the rest you worked hard.

Contrary to what you might think, Sunday is not the same as the Sabbath day that is recognized by the Mainstream Religions of today. Truly the Sabbath day, or the original "Christian" Holy day occurs from Sundown on Friday to Sundown on Saturday. It became associated with Sunday when Christianity began absorbing aspects of Sun worship into their religion.

I personally don't mind Sundays so much. I work while everyone else rests, and it is my slow and nearly unbearable day. I do not mind this because I know there will come a time when I can enjoy Sundays just like everyone else.

On a side note, I do not mind religion, but I am not religious. I personally view Atheism as being a close-minded approach, but so is conventional religion. I believe in "God" very much so, and I say that anyone who says they know the true nature of Divinity is either lying or has deluded themselves into thinking they are higher than they are. At the same time, though, I have no reason to believe that "God" doesn't from time to time choose to reveal himself to individuals, so my previous statement is really ignorant and hypocritical.

Thus, I choose to abstain from making verbal judgments based on someone's belief structure.

Pav said...

BARRY! I was in that skype call aswell!

Caution Wet Paint said...

the xmas gathering, i would like to come and will if the shift work does not kill me.

as for sundays, it shocks me tha there are so many people who are willing to waste the whole day in the shops. there must be so many better things to do than it in traffic, queue up at a till and wait for parking space.

great blog barry.

Anonymous said...

Hi Barry,

If there was a xmas gathering then I would love to come. Maybe a cliche gathering for old times sake, and those who have not been to a gathering before?

Sundays are relaxing and I feel that for all the disadvantages of Sunday, its only one day and welcomed at that as a day of rest.