Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Top Gear, Why I Like Littlekuriboh and Looking Back at Youtube Experience

Hey Guys

How is everyone? Im good today, this is going to be a long post just to warn you.

Now at the moment I am watching some old Top Gear stuff which is really awesome. I got quite a few DVDs which include looking into flashy cars and the guys doing challenges. At the moment Im watching them doing the Winter Olympics they did back in 2006, its a special episode which had them doing special challenges which is one of my favourite dvds. The only problem was that it only goes on for an hour but it aint about how long it goes on for, its about how the hour is done and its really well done.

Now one of my favourite segments of Top Gears was Caravan Conkers which so funny and brillant here's a video - Top Gear - Caravan Conkers

Plus I love this lap done by Ian Wright, its so funny

Now I am proud of the latest youtube video I had uploaded about what was your first subscription on Youtube. Mine was Littlekuriboh like I said in the video he does Yu-Gi Oh parody episodes which are the funniest thing I have seen on the Internet its truly brillant stuff. Sadly his account got suspended last summer, but I know he has a secret channel on Youtube but I will not tell you.

Here is his Journal - LittleKuriboh's Journal

Good News is before Littlekuriboh lost his channel, he created a website for the Series - Yu-Gi Oh: The Abridged Series

Heres my favourite and first episode I ever watched of the series (Episode 14)

Right onto the final part of this entry and its about my experience within Youtube. On the 20th of November 2008 it will be my 1st Youtube Birthday with the BarryAldridge account and some of you will know I have been on Youtube for a lot longer if I knew Littlekuriboh account because it got suspended two months before I started it. Anyway Im quite surprised with what I have achieved with the first year of the BarryAldridge account.

1) I never thought that Channel Recommendations would be a success to people, I thought it was going to fuck up in my face. People like them and they want a recommendation which is incredible
2) I thought the gathering I held last Christmas was going to be hard and it was but glad I did it. I wanted to commit suicide days after and I dont know why. But at least I dealt with the situation in my own way.
3) I never thought I would go to different places within the UK which include Manchester and Bristol for gatherings which they both went really well.
4) I never thought I would take part in a Talk With Dave on BBC's Upstaged which I thought it was a practical joke at first setup by the BBC but it was real. I saw the final interview and thought it was really funny 15 minutes after I done it.
5) I never thought I would go to the Youstage Gathering for a day and have some fun.
6) I never thought I would worry others back at Youstage when I slept in a hammock for a couple of hours then first people I saw was Laura (Laurbubble) and Tom (Randomprodinc)
7) I never thought I would reach a 1000 subscribers and become a Youtube Partner on the same day back in May.
8) I never thought that my RUN-DMC dancing to "Its Tricky" would catch on to people and find it funny.
9) I never thought I would be chatting to people on Skype, Stickam and MSN.
10) I never thought I could cause a storm with my "Barry Aldridge Secrets" Video and people finding it funny.
11) I never thought I would enjoy being happy at certain times when chatting to youtubers like Blade376 on Stickam.
12) I never thought that youtubers like Charlieissocoollike, Vlogbrothers, CorporalCadet etc would like my videos that I post on Youtube.
13) I never thought I would get to 2000 subscribers a month before my first anniversary of the BarryAldridge account
13) I never thought I would get onto the front page of UK Youtube for my video "Why Did I Join Youtube?"
14) I never thought I could friends with a lot of people within the Internet because I have trouble making friends in the past.
15) I never thought I would have a Barry Aldridge Drinking Game invented at all. The game was invented by Froghandi. Thanks Rory. Even though I dont drink at all.
16) I never thought I would do a review of Alex Day's EP Nermaina and people actually liking the review plus Alex sending me a facebook comment saying thanks.
17) Finally I never thought I would last longer than 6 months with my BarryAldridge account on Youtube.

Now after the 20th I will be doing a video to explain what I may do for the future and thinking about life in general which is the idea. I am going down a bit of serious route lately on my Youtube videos, I feel sillyness can be fun as well but sometimes if you are trying to do some variety stuff you need to have a balance otherwise you are stuck doing the same thing all the time. I think you should the sillyness when you are best happy and not when you are down and out.

I watched a video the other day from DigitilSoul who talked about Satisfaction. I will say the video is 8 minutes long but I believe this stuff to be true.

He made a lot of sense, that you know you have to be happy if you want to achieve your best. He also mentions that things do change and you have to be happy. He is very happy with his life and I feel I should be in that situation now. He said its best to achieve what you can. Its best to focus on what you are doing. He made sense that its best to focus on number 1 without leaving your mark.

He believes that there are people like Renetto, Blunty3000 started Youtube. He knows that Youtube will change that at one point that. One minute that it could be Smosh on top then suddenly people would rather watch Fred. Things dont stay the same forever and I think its best to focus on your own goals

I agree with him that you will not be remembered for years to come. I dont want to be remembered in the future. I rather when I die that I am a whisper in the wind, I think if I become famous I would be crashed and my spirit would be destroyed so I am glad that I aint in that position. I know some of you would be thinking Im talking shit but years ago I would love the fame but nowadays I'm glad that I made myself happy, I made my family with the achievements and I made my friends happy with the things I am doing either on the Internet or IRL.

I will do a video focusing on this and maybe a bit more.

Take it easy everyone



Bujio said...

Hey Barry!!

Great Blog entry. I think you are right. We should focus on being happy. So much of the time people place success on the way that other people view them. If we do that, we can never be happy. Our lives should never be dependent on other people on such a high level.

Of course, we need other people. As the social animals that we are it is simply not good to remain alone for long periods of time. Just the same though, our personal happiness is our own responsibility. So long as we can make ourselves happy, the world will continue to thrive on in its wonderful way.

I really loved the Yu Gi Oh parody. I must say though, I'm a little pissed that Revver accepted that video. It contains copyrighted material. I made a video using music in the public domain and they rejected it for copyright infringement and they refuse to even respond to any of my emails I sent out. It pisses me off so bad that I wrote them a nasty letter and decided not to use them anymore.

That's okay though. The video was funny.

Take care, Mate!!


el director! said...

Another great Blog entry and congratulations on reaching your first year on BarryAldridge. Even from your previous account, I have enjoyed your vids and hopefully there is more to come!