Sunday, November 09, 2008

Nothing Lasts Forever But Have Fun With It

Hey everyone.

I got some good news that JoJo (JCtotheG) got her Youtube T-shirt yesterday morning for winning the competition I held a month ago. I was told that she was happy about getting it and wore it into town which was great news. YEAH made me happy.

Im nearly finished watching 3rd Rock From The Sun and It made me think that everything has to come to an end one day. Everything cant stay the same forever, life has to go on. You cant stay in the position all the time otherwise it gets boring. I mean I wont be staying on Youtube forever for example. I am having fun but I remember talking with Charles (Babarouge/CautionWetPaint) and we were chatting about Myspace, Youtube and other media promotion websites. I remember chatting about Myspace where it has died out because of big record companies taking over. Now we were talking about Youtube and we know that it eventually disappear but will take longer than Myspace but who knows it may last longer than I think and I hope so.

For people who think that everything will remain the same in life generally sadly everything does change in life, we have different politicans.

But I will say Im hoping to keep going with Youtube and have fun in the process which I'm hoping will never end, so Heres hoping YEAH.

Oh yeah I know I said that Twitter is fun a while ago but it has become very distracting.

Finally A Music video that I really like from Ne-Yo its a bit old but really good.

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LittleRadge said...

It amuses me that you talk about YouTube's lifespan, then later on embed a video from DailyMotion. xD