Thursday, November 27, 2008

My Turn Point + 5 Albums I would listen to (Think)

Hey everyone

Its Barry Aldridge here.

I have been thinking about a lot of things going on with life in general. I was thinking to myself that sometimes people need time away from the whole thing. Now yesterday I saw a couple of videos from DMclean1989 and MetallicaMatt saying they are taking time out of youtube. I maybe thinking the same way now I got a lot going on at the moment. Family pressures and I have gotten lazy which I shouldnt do at my age. I know its crazy but it is true.

At the moment I dont have the stamina to do anymore videos for the moment. PJ send me an intro today which Im thankful he did but It made me realise that Im going to stick to the same formula because it works for me, I dont need gimmicks or anything else lol, I like being myself and if anyone else doesn't like it TOUGH SHIT.

I may do video next week but Im not in the right frame of mind and not enjoying the Youtube experience. Even though I had a brillant time on BlogTV the other night where everybody turned up. May see you on saturday for the gathering but because of the state Im in, not sure that I would enjoy myself. Im hoping everyone has a great time if I aint going to be there.

Now I was reading Dave's blog (Musicfromblueskies) and Alex's Diary (Nerimon) have picked out their five favourite albums and I may do this as a blog entry because it is an interesting question.

Have a good evening everyone going back to watch Monty Python Flying Circus and Im up to series 3 and loving it.



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