Sunday, October 12, 2008

Autism (Part 2)

Hey Everyone I thought I will finish off talking about my autism

One thing I have problems with is reading other people actions. It taken me a long time to realise people don’t mean what they say, that you have to look at body language, their expressions. People call it reading between the lines I think. I know most women think men never do this. When I was younger I was involved in research on the theory of mind at the at the Maudsley hospital. This was done with Simon Baron Cohen. I went twice a week we did games and role play. They tried to teach me that others don’t know what I’m thinking, what I feel they don’t feel what I know other don’t. It helped a bit but still found it hard to learn from experiences.

The internet has helped me by the encounters I had. Like some people I thought of as friends are not, that people don’t always mean what they say . I know some people see me as an easy target but I’m not stupid. I just think differently I try to see the best in people until they do something to change my mind.

Now I was going to do a video about it but it could take sometime to get research together. So It could be a while if I do a video about Autism.

Oh yeah Friends Update - Im up to the final series of the show. Just another 10 episodes to go.


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