Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Things going well......... Plus BLOGTV TONIGHT 9PM GMT

OK I had a brillant morning which turned out to be better than I really thought.

Had a good meeting at the Job Centre where I am going to get some extra help from someone at IRLB which turned to be an excellent appointment.

I went to Worthing and bought a few items today which were a couple of DVDs (Adulthood & Al Murray's Happy Hour Series 1) and Burnout Paradise on the Playstation 3. I played the game and thought it is a really good game that I may play on for hours in the long run, which is cool

Adulthood is the sequel to a film called Kidulthood which was released Indepedently back in 2006. The concept came from Noel Clarke (Mickey From Doctor Who),

The first film (Kidulthood) was about some kids who have the day off school because someone commited suicide the day before and its about how the kids do their day and experiences which lead to them going around Central London for the day.

Heres a trailer to Kidulthood

Now the second film (Adulthood) takes place straight after the first film which has one of the main characters is trying to change but I wont tell you because you have to watch Kidulthood to find out.

OK onto BlogTV Tonight at 9PM GMT which I will be on at.

I got a list of what to talk about tonight

1) Friends (TV Series)
2) Friends comparing to British Sitcoms
3) Youtube Gathering on October 25th (London)
4) British Cinema/Worldwide Films
5) Randomness
6) BlogTV & Stickam
7) Questions


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