Sunday, October 05, 2008

NSG BBQ & Friends (TV Series)

OK yesterday I went to NSGs BBQ and it was really awesome. I really like the BBQ that NSG did it was also for Jessicas Birthday as well. Now it was truly awesome. I met up with Benjy, Spencer, Lewis, Chris, Doug, Jessica, Jordan, Tom and Ian.

If I forget anyone but I had a full day yesterday that was really good. I bought along Orange Juice and few bits of food which everyone had. We took the bus to NSGs where we met up with Teoh and Mark. Sophie came later where we were chilling in NSGs back garden for a bit and it was really good, after a while we decided to promote a blogtv show which even I know some of them hate BlogTV with a passion which I can understand, thats their opinion.

Anyway we went to NSGs Studio Bedroom to have some chill and do the blogtv show which I think it was Tom's idea to do a blogtv thing everytime there is a gathering which is a good idea. Even though it aint an original idea I remember Zipster doing with Stickam when he came over to the UK over the summer. But for BlogTV it is a first which I see.

OK after a bit chilling with NSG, I cant remember who came up with the idea but it was a street video of Badman. Which was an excellent idea, NSG thought it was a brillant video. I did as well. Now NSG wont be putting it on his channel. I think Jessica (xbrokenmindedx) will put it on her channel and as soon as put up I will put it in my blog as an extra bit. Hooray.

OK while I was at NSGs my Friends DVD Boxset of every episode ever made came through the post yesterday which is awesome. Im half way through Series (Season) 1 which it is one of my favourite seasons of Friends. I also love series 2, 3 and 4 of Friends. I dont mind series 5 & 6 as they were good at various points. after Series 7 I felt it really suffered but will give them another chance, which I promised to with Lost.

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