Monday, June 01, 2009

Barry Aldridge Face 2 Face With Badm4ths/Blogmaths

Hey Guys

I am here again to give you some Behind The Scenes to this interview with Michael Ivens aka Badm4ths and Blogmaths.

Now Ivens wanted to do an interview after watching my interview with Doctor Noise which was the last one and he liked the format and wondered if he could get an interview.

So I asked for his e-mail on Youtube PM and Facebook messaging and I send him the questions.

I had to send the questions twice, when I looked back after sending it the first time, the questions didnt sound right so I send the questions again and then on the 31st of May he send me as a surprise his answers and I was able to finish the interview.

Now Ivens is a great guy to be around who has a lot of potential and I wish him the best with his production if it goes well.

I really like this interview like my other ones and it has a good pace to it.

Speak again soon guys


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