Saturday, June 06, 2009

Barry Aldridge Face 2 Face with CheekTV

Hello everyone

Time for another Face 2 Face Interview and todays guest is Cheeky from CheekTV

Now I will say that this interview is completely different from interviews I have done in the past. I first heard of Cheeky/CheekTV a week before the Love Hate Society Gathering and he asked for an interview and then I saw the gathering video he did and I thought it was one of the funniest videos I have ever seen and Cheeky has come out of nowhere which is awesome.

With this interview I knew that Gary (Who controls Cheeky) would come out with a script being cheeky and I couldnt stop laughing. So when it came to the Interview I thought I'll act opposite and be serious until the end of the interview.

I feel proud doing this as I always wanted to do a comedy interview and Cheeky was the right person..... I mean Puppet to do it.

Go check out CheekTV Youtube Channel.

1 comment:

el director! said...

that interveiw cracked me up - great one barry, and pukka suit!