Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Lion King Musical Review (Video) and Film Mad

Hey Guys I thought I would do a third blog entry in 4 days which I haven't done in three months.


I did a video reviewing the Lion King yesterday (ABOVE) and I heard the Youtube Subscription box had some big problems yesterday, where I only found out about people posting videos via Friend Activity when others whether they favourited it and rated the video or via a Twitter message saying they got a new video out. Like I said I aint too bothered with this issue, I will let Youtube take their time because not everything is perfect, while I agree with people that Youtube should fix the old problems first before putting in new things into the site.

I may embed the video in other sites that do reviews because I felt really proud of the review I did for the musical, which I dont normally embed expect when embedding videos onto this blog and on the Nerdfighters Ning that I still have and sometimes forget to update.


Lately I have watched a lot of films over the last few days because I wanted to feel relaxed plus I had a lot of DVDs that I hadn't watched in ages.

They included:

Green Street
How High
Austin Powers - The Spy Who Shagged Me
Austin Powers - Goldmember
Hustle & Flow
Walking Tall

Its great to watch films you havent seen in a long time where if they are indy or mainstream productions.

It started with Green Street on a Friday afternoon, it is one of my favourite films made from the good old UK. It deals with Football fans who are hooligans representing GSE (Green Street Elite - Representing West Ham United FC) who pride themselves on dealing with Football Hooligan establishments that include Tottenham Hotspur, Manchester Utd and their rival team Millwall FC.


I may watch some more later today, while looking for a job which I have been doing a bit lately and still getting no where.

Take care everyone


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