Sunday, February 22, 2009

Its best to have fun.... (PAW-T Event, The Console Wars Issue and Youtube Issues)

Things have been going good lately for me, which is great, even though on one night people saw me on Dailybooth being depressed because I was feeling tired and needed some sleep.

Anyway I went up to London to meet up with TEMPHUiBIS for some arcade fun. Now there was TEMPHUiBIS, myself, NSG and I think his name is Bradley and it was pretty cool. There was someone else who came and he came a long time and we lost and we were a bit worried. We played on Street Fighter IV and Tekken 6. Just chilled around Central London for a few hours.

Oh yeah NSG beat TEMPHUiBIS and me at Air Hockey and had to show this picture in this link - NSG Whoops us in Air Hockey.

Now I remember we chatted about Japanese Anime, where we discussed how the American culture when ever they get them ruin the cartoons completely where it is taking out blood, swearing, change a storyline completely or put in the worst voice acting ever which we agreed upon the Naruto English Dub.

TEMPHUiBIS also mentioned about family and it had some brillant music video thingy which I got to find later on. TEMPHUiBIS did take a little footage but couldnt do too much because of the security in Funland, which I dont know why but he was able to do some.

Heres the video of the day

I nearly forgot I had a phone called from Georgie (GeorgieBOOM of Youtube) and she was drunk and had a quick chat which was cool.

Secondly I watched a video from Digitilsoul who is one of my favourite Youtubers who spoke about the Console Wars in the best way possible without offending each console that much.

What I like about Digitilsoul is that he speaks with a very open mind and reflects everything that is going on. So I was glad he talked about this issue and tried to stop this bullshit with the console wars, yes its all about competition but stop trying to get in their and diss the other console out.

I remember the wars of Super Nintendo and Sega Mega Drive (In America - Genesis) when I felt that Gaming was at its peak. Now I do agree with people that Graphics and Film Storylines are better in Todays games but when it comes to gameplay I have to give it to games that were made before 1995. Gameplay is the most important

Here's a couple of videos about the games released on the Super Nintendo and Sega Mega Drive.



OK on to the final issue its an issue that has some people on Youtube worrying a bit. Its about videos of views not reflecting about how much subscribers someone has. Now this has gone on for a long time, where I know that Youtube aint as strong as its once was.

I will try to reflect on this in the fairest possible way without going over the top.

Now I will give you an example where someone may have 4000 subscribers and at the best he/she may only get a thousand views with or without putting their video as autoplay, now I know that this could be worrying.

Some youtubers have talked about this whether it was in a Youtube Video, Blog Entry, Dairy Entry or a Facebook Video. Now sometimes we may forget that everyone may not log in every day or that their are channels who subscribe to us more than once possibly up to 4 channels or a few channels have had their channels closed/suspended, whatever it is. I do remember someone mentioning that Youtube having some bug issues which is true that not everyone would be able to watch the videos. It did bug me at first then I realised thinking OK I may as well keep going on otherwise I will get paranoiaed about the situation. I RATHER KEEP GOING AND POSITIVE than focusing on the negatives.

Now in the past it would take at least a day or two to get your views matched or over your subscriber count now it could take up to two weeks.

To me it can be a worry I will admit but I aint too focused on this issue because then it would distract me from future ideas for videos whether it is something creative or doing a vlog for the people. I rather keep doing what I am doing and if regular people watch my videos then thats fine. I had my 15 minutes of fame on Youtube and I dont think I will get featured again.

I will be surprised and shocked if I get featured again but I doubt it.

I dont want the fame at all, I rather be with friends in general and I think a lot of people would agree with me on that.

I was pleased about how Face 2 Face went and people left positive feedback on the Interview with BillTVMacon.

Bill reminded me that it doesnt matter how many subscribers you get as long you can have fun making the videos and that you are true to yourself then you will have fun making videos on Youtube.

Oh yeah I loved Bill's review of the McFly Album on the Lovehatesociety channel that he did yesterday

So I will sum up

ITS BEST TO HAVE FUN RATHER NOT WORRYING ABOUT WHATS GOING ON YOUTUBE? unless it is a real serious issue that could affect everybody

OK I may do another video this week but It will be a vlog talking about some things I have mentioned on here and a couple of other things not mentioned in this blog. The earilest possible day for the video will be a Tuesday or Wednesday.

I was wondering as a final question


Have a great week everyone



Anonymous said...

Yeah keep doing the interviews, ask some youtube 'famous' people! Would be fun!

Sounds like you've been having fun, I wish my blogs were this filled with information! haha :)


PS: How do I get autoplay? haha ;) ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey Barry,

The whole issue of views on youtube I think is down to the initial buzz of joining up making videos like mad and really putting your all in to videos has to say the least slacked of.

There are a million and one youtube clone sites, metacafe, vimeo, meview etc. There is blogtv and who offer the "live" interactivity that was the best part of youtube in its early days.

I think that the whole "uk scene" has got a bit to similar, everyone makes simalar kinds of videos, there is about 10 different "tag games" every week surfacing and to a certian extent people are getting closer in there friendship groups.

I don't mean there are elitists and then the others, but its like, when you have a bunch of friends you get on with so much you might naturally interact with your friends and less so with new people, that is natural.

What do I think we can do about it? First off I cleared out all the suspended/closed subscribers to my channel to get a real number of views from the regulars.

I have tried embedding quite a lot as for instance my Undersea Journey" video is embedded in some of the biggest marine and fishkeeping forums, links posted here and there do wonders, no their not storming to subscribe but their watching.

I am going out of my way to reply to comments left by my subscribers so they come back again and again, not just replying to friends comments. I am making new contacts with new youtubers as that's the only way to grow your subscriber base is with new people.

As you said, be positive and enjoy yourself and what you are doing, its not a chore its a hobby and should be fun. If your not enjoying it then just stop, dont make a depressing video saying "I am leaving cos I have no inspiration yada yada yada" that just makes your viewers think its the case everywhere on the site.

This is my thoughts on the whole situation but I could be wrong. Let me know what you think and maybe have a good old fashioned discussion something that's lacking nowadays.

Youtube is bigger than just the small percentage who you subscribe to, every registered account (that is not a utubedrama ghost account or 12 year old hater) is a potential viewer and subscriber, injecting fun, enthusiasm and interaction back in to the site will benefit everyone.

Bill said...

Only you can decide whether to continue w/ Face 2 Face, but I hope you do! It was great fun.

I am continually grateful and surprised at the incredible community of YouTube.