Friday, February 06, 2009

Birthday Coming & Portsmouth (Last Week)

WHOA I have written anything in this for a while.

Now in less than 5 days I will be turning 26 and on the same day Musicfromblueskies turns 23 I think. Anyway I was thinking about whether I care if I get older and the truth when I was teenager I probably would have cared but nowadays I dont give a shit.

Birthdays to me become less special when I get older and I think it is the same with everybody esle. Now I dont mind getting older because I have finally accepted that we are never young forever which some people cant accept that. I rather keep ahold of memories of my youth

I find it strange that I know a lot of birthdays this month, I always think of February as birthday month lol.

My favourite birthday has always been my 14th Birthday because it was the very first time I ever went to London for my birthday and had a great time. I remember buying Independence Day on VHS (Whoa thats old saying VHS) with a Large T-Shirt because it came out on that day. I cant remember the best present I have ever recieved but I know for the last few years I always got the newest Technology for my birthday.

I know I am getting a brand New Camera for my birthday which I mentioned a few times already I cant remember how many. I got Monty Phyton DVD Boxset and tickets to Lion King Musical a while ago. My mate Arron last week got me Madden NFL 09 for the Playstation 3.

Speaking of Arron I went to Portsmouth with him Last Friday which I forgot to tell you about.

It was my first visit to Portsmouth and I enjoyed so much being something new. I heard a lot about Portsmouth. Arron thought of the idea because he was getting sick and tired of visiting the same places which I agreed with him on.

So we met up around 11 in the morning at Lancing Station and went on our way to Portsmouth which took an hour. It was nice that the last station was near the sea and where you can get a ferry to the Isle Of Wight.

Now we went to one of the shopping centres near that tall tower which is Portsmouth Harbour is known I cant remember the name.

EDIT - (6th February 2008 8:35pm) I had a text from MyShowbizName and he told it was called Spiniker Tower. I thought it was called that lol.

It was fun and tried to look for hats to wear during while looking for the hats, I got a call from my mum saying we are getting a new dog which was awesome and we do have the dog now which is called Ruby. I may show pictures of the Dog another time. We didnt have lunch until late because we had some chocolate and Crisps for lunch. Some of you thinking thats a bad diet and it is to have at lunch. I went to the main town centre which is near the other Portsmouth station it reminded me of my days in South London being in Lewisham which was odd. For some reason it also reminded me of Bristol gathering strange, maybe because it was somewhere new and it was a Friday. I would go back to Portsmouth again one day.

A Gathering there would be cool one day.

Anyway Have a great weekend or week everyone what day you read this.

Speak to ya soon




Anonymous said...

Happy early birthday matey!

I'm defo the "Can't accept it" type of person ;)


Bill said...

Really nice pics of your trip, Barry. That's the cool thing about life. There's always something new to see and do.

An early Happy Birthday to you!

Dale said...

Cool i wana see your dog!

el director! said...

I love Portsmouth. Great Pics and glad to see you had a great day!