Sunday, August 17, 2008

Youstage Update, Toms Epic Film and The Games New Album

OK Everyone

Yesterday was a real hustle, people spreading rumours that Youstage Festival has cancelled or that it gone from 3 days to 1 day. This came from people who aint the Youstage Team which I dont like to follow on rumours to be honest unless it is someone within that team. I first heard about this from a Youstage member Daveyboyz saying that there is a bit of trouble with the people at Festhino the original festival that we were going to have the Youstage Festival ran into some problems but not so sure because I dont know the full backstory around this. Anyway I was talking to a few outside saying they are worried about the change of plans.

Now here's what I know OK 1) Its no longer in Suffolk because maybe that the Festival they were going to go to wasn't what they thought. 2) It maybe in London because I was talk to Daveyboyz and he may know something happening in London but Im not going to confirm that because I may say where it is and then if it changes people will start calling a lair which I hate. 3) Myles and Davey from Davey's sources are having a meeting today to discuss what they are going to do.

Now Im glad its no longer in Suffolk because it would have been difficult for me to get there I would have to change a few times on trains or transportation which I flipping hate. I know London has been overplayed for gatherings as I have been to two this month already in Leicester Square and Hyde Park but London is brillant on Festivals and Halls plus its easy for everyone to get to London.

So Yeah thats all I know, dont start rumours because I flipping hate them (sorry for my bad attitude) but people who start rumours need to stop. I know it is something we are proud that Youstage have won but please be patient, Daveyboyz was under a lot of pressure and tried to e-mail the other members of Youstage and got no answer. But he was able to talk to Myles yesterday while in NSGs BlogTV. It turned Myles was on the same level as Davey. THATS ALL I KNOW.

OK Moving on Tom aka Randomprodinc asked me to promote his epic film with a video, Now I told him on MSN that I can promote but not by video because if you read a couple of previous entries Im not in the mood to do videos at this present time, but I will do it in blog form.

Here's the trailer from Randomprodinc

I still dont know why some people find my running to be funny but maybe Im not into that humour which the others like but everyone can't like the same thing otherwise life is boring. I rather there be differences between people thats what could make life in certain ways not in a bad way.

OK I was going to promote PJ's trailer which I found a bit funny but sadly I remembered I have a couple of friends who get upset with the chickdude. One Real Life and One Online Friend told me they dont like the chickdude character and reminds them of a friend each of them that have passed away. I respect PJ as a brillant editior on Youtube but whoever is behind the chickdude character please stop it. I think its starting to become boring. SO WHOEVER IS BEHIND THE CHICKDUDE CHARACTER, END IT NOW.

Anyway I said to Tom, you should get Charlie to promote it but I heard Charlie will be promoting it once the epic film comes out which is understandable.

Thats enough on that.

I heard people having been mocking on stickam yesterday, which is very sad and disspointing. I heard they were trying to piss me off but they didnt in the end. I find them very immature to do this and if they are friends online they wouldn't do that at all joke or not OK. I think it is based on a MSN chat I had with someone yesterday afternoon, Im not angry but feel disspointed in whoever did this. Beening disspointed in someone is far worse than being angry with someone.

Whoa this is a really long entry.

OK The Game's album LAX which I am looking forward maybe not be what I thought. I heard 30 seconds from each track from a hip hop site and it may not be as strong as the other two albums. But who knows have to wait for the full tracks when it is released then I will do a full review, once it drops. The singles are really strong in my opinion.

I almost forgot to post the 2nd Game single called Dope Boys Feat. Travis Barker.

Oh yeah I just remembered one final thing.

When I come back to do Youtube Videos again I may do what I do in the video - Barry Aldridge Does RUN-DMC Style which I loved doing.

Here's the video to remind you what I did back in May.

May do that again which should be awesome. But need to think of a track to do it on.

Bye Now. Have a great sunday.

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