Saturday, August 16, 2008

Challenges, Stickam Radio Shows and Future Stuff For Youtube

OK I need something of a challenge not on youtube but in the real world as one of the reasons for the Youtube video break is because I feel there isnt a challenge anymore on youtube. I feel I have done the same stuff for a while but need to step back which is cool. I feel making videos now is a burden not a joy anymore which is a shame. I have enjoyed this blog a lot more as I am able to put things in where friends could read only.

For my blog I may do some more reviews after the positive feedback I got the Nerimon EP I did the other day including Alex leaving me a comment on Facebook which was great and surprising. Thanks again Alex. Plus the reason I did the review was ready for future albums I may review including The Game's LAX when it comes out at the end of the month. Plus I may review Doctor Who Episodes Past series and the series that has come back in 2005 which RTD brought to the table. I think it would be a challenge in the process for me because I like to review other stuff which is really cool. Plus in Music I will review Hip Hop plus indie stuff that comes from Youtubers which will include some TROCK tracks I find them YEAH.

OK onto stickam radio stations. Now on Thursday Jessica aka xbrokenmindedx did her first show for her local radio station and I thought it was a really good show. It was a really good first effort, I know in time Jess will do well for the show, I heard it takes time to find their spot then they are in the zone in whatever field. Well Done Jessica on Thursday.

Now on Friday Jimmy0010 did his first radio broadcast and gave me a shoutout thanks to everyone in the room saying my name which was fantastic so thanks to everyone who did that AWESOME STUFF. Jimmy's show was good, he played mainly Musicfromblueskies stuff, he tried to chat to PJ on skype but didnt work but it was a really funny show. Jimmy said he hated Technology stuff which made the show even funnier and Jimmy told some stories which were funny. So Jimmy's first show and hopefully not his last was excellent.

OK when I get back to youtube I will continue the channel recommendations and do some doctor who stuff plus some sport type stuff because they like sports quite a bit yeah.

I think I may put a video to finish the blog.

OK NSG uploaded a video yesterday with one of his artists. Sung by Delilah
Arranged and Produced by NSG. It is so soulful and beautiful. Please check this video, it is amazing.

Signing Out.

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Caution Wet Paint said...

enjoy the break you will come back more inspired