Saturday, August 09, 2008

Vlog In The Park - Excellent

Hey Guys I went to Vlog In the Park yesterday with my mate Arron and it was really good. NSG did really well with this and thought it was a lot more relaxed than the David Gathering the previous week. It was good that Arron and me met up with Benjy and Jess at around 2 o'clock with a number of phone calls which I find funny and they may want to forget so Im going to stop there.

It is confusing Hyde Park to be honest but glad to have found it then met up with Alex, Dave, Charlie, Mhazz and Lucy by the food hall which was awesome and then decided to find the spot where we are meeting for the gathering. I think someone came from America and I cant remember his name looked at a couple of trees one came from Chile which was nice and forest tree that looked awesome.

Anyway everyone started to show up with NSG arriving late as usual, when someone organises a gathering they turn up at least 30 minutes late but it has become a norm for gatherings.

NSG, Mhazz, Alex, Ed and Charlie played some songs. I tried to play NSG's guitar and failed with grace.

I met up with Charles (Babarouge) he is really a nice guy who has great knowledge and feel sory for him about his night job. I also met Paul (Cheekychen) and his friend Lucy which both of them were awesome.

Had some KFC when NSGs sister turned up with food but had to leave at 7pm because I had some stuff going on and Arron and myself wanted to go to the pub which was awesome.

Thats it all I can remember about yesterday. It was better than David because it was more relaxed and no need to use youtube status in there. Plus we were in the same spot for hours which made the gathering different but I have been to the same pub for hours when going to Zipsters gathering. This is now my 3rd favourite gathering.

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