Sunday, August 03, 2008

Freestyling (Back from David Gathering), Smivadee, Stickam Problems Still and Soul Calibur IV

OK back at the David Gathering (Which I think I mentioned), while PJ was playing on his guitar doing the starman tune from Super Mario Bros. Then for no reason I started Freestyling over it, PJ asked what I was doing. Now for some reason Dave from Blue Skies wanted to film the freestyle.

Dave If you are reading this PLEASE DONT PUT IT ON THE INTERNET, knowing him he will lol. It was ok but I refer it was not on there even if Mhazz liked it. I like how Mhazz has put her links of other blogs as unique pharses lol.

Anyway moving on from the freestyle, I like Sundays on Blog TV Smivadee hosts one every sunday and he always has a relaxed mood to his shows. Thats the one thing I really like about Smivadee you know you are going to be in a relaxed show where it aint about how many people in a room its about how you can interact in a room where no one has any problems accept last week for a couple of guest accounts.

Check out Smivadee's show at 7PM GMT Tonight.

Smivadee Blog TV Page

Third thing - Stickam

OK I havent been stickam for a bit accept once on Friday because Im still having trouble using on my machine and I have send two forms asking Stickam why I was banned. No reply at the moment which I pissed off about. Now I got a new account but it still counts as banned probably meaning IP blocked. So Im using my folks machine to go on stickam which I dont want to do all the time.

Final note is that I have put so many blogs I read in the links which I may remove one or two once I have finished putting the links up. So the blog will go through with designs, Im still playing with it.

OK Finally this is it, I got Soul Calibur IV on Friday whilst at the gathering and played it yesterday and it turned into the most awesome game ever. I love playing as Darth Vader (The best star wars character ever). I got the playstation 3 edition.

Heres Vader in action -

OK here is a review from Blunty3000 with a review for the Xbox 360 edition, I love Blunty's reviews they are really good -

Im done now. Enjoy the day everyone.


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