Friday, August 15, 2008

Things of Today - Sorting Out Subscriptions

Hey everyone

I was just sorting out my subscription box on youtube where I was starting to unsub channels which I haven't watched ages either that they havent put out a video in ages or the fact that they closed their account probably a while ago or the other day. I felt I needed to do as I had lots and lots of subscriptions and decided to have a clean out.

The good thing about the channels that I have subbed to before the clean out I had bookmarked or favourited them so then I can go back to their channel one day and who knows may sub that channel again. I dont think I will have time in the future to watch all the subscriptions I have on my channel so thats why for the clean out. Youtube will not be my future to be honest but I will keep making videos for long as possible. Once I get back from break that is.

If you have a good video and if you think it is good to watch.

Please e-mail at

Or If You have my msn send me the link and I will watch

Oh yeah I want to finish off on something I found on Youtube

It is done by hexachordal featuring Nerimon called "People are WRONG about the Internet"

It is a really funny clip.

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