Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Why I Prefer Public Transport Over Cars & Tom Milsom is A Fucking Legend.

OK Last night I was speaking with Tom (Randomprodinc) not Tom Milsom, anyway he asked me do I drive and I said No, he asked why and I said I had a little thing happen when I was taking my lessons when I was 17 that I nearly hit a wall, he said it would help to take it and beat that fear, which I agree with but at the same time I feel more comfortable going on public transport, Now I know that Public Transport is more expansive in general than a car but I know with public transport I can get healthy whilst walking around.

Trains are quicker to travel around in than cars, plus I know I will get to the right location while in the car it takes longer plus it is easier to go the wrong way. Plus If I didn't have public transport I would cycle and is considered very healthy to you and keeps you fit in general. OK I know the Underground in London can be a pain in the arse but I prefer that than going on the road in London as you get more of an experience of the city.

OK the second part - Tom Milsom is a fucking legend.

He is so awesome, one of the best people I have seen on youtube. He makes some cracking videos. I put one of his videos in my blog one time about Whats Wrong With The Internet sketch he did with Alex Day. Now he had the guts to kick me last night on BlogTV when I dare the others to kick me, so my respect for Tom has gone up big time. Well Done Tom YEAH.

Anyway here's a couple of videos to keep you entertained.

This is Tom doing some drumming

Here's Tom doing Justice - D.A.N.C.E. on the ukulele (At last I got the spelling right, thanks to the title of Tom's video lol)

Finally here's the video that got him some exposure on Youtube called The Internet Love Song, which I watched in full for the first time this morning, it is brillant.

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el director! said...

two wheels good, four wheels bad. bicycle or motorbikes are the way forward!