Friday, August 22, 2008

Im Going To Youstage After All

OK everyone first of all I stand by what I said in my last entry OK. Sorry if you got offended of the entry.

Right onto the main entry I know I said in one of my previous entries I said I can't make it to Youstage because of money problems and distance but good news is I have gotten over that fear. Now I was talking to Benjy (DoctorBenjy on Youtube) and he told me about the camping deals out in B&Q and Argos which was really cool so I maybe getting one over the next few days. Anyway good news is I got a free ticket to go and I hope others I know will get one as well. I got my e-mail this morning from DMcLean1989 to confirm it which is great. So now Im going to be busy for the next three weekends starting from now. YES This is going to be so awesome.


Ok Im meeting up with Daveyboyz and Garnet today in Brighton around the afternoon which should be awesome. Hes coming around the afternoon around 2 o'clock then I will be meeting NSG tomorrow to look around his studio plus I think it was about time I went to see NSG, I have promised to see him for months. Good weekends to come.

OH YEAH I have been listening to this remix of Usher's Love In The Club that features Beyonce and Lil Wayne. This is one of my favourite remixes of all time.


Will do an entry probably on Sunday.


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