Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My Day In Brighton - Awesomeness and Collobration Videos I have Taken Part In.

OK Yesterday I went over to Brighton, which I normally do every week but this time it was different where I did a brillant day with my mate Arron. It was truely awesome stuff, we went on the tour bus around Brighton which was awesome.

I know this aint my footage of the tour but this is where I was near the beginning of the tour. It showed the city centre of Brighton. Which I found awesome, Arron and me found out some things that we didn't know about Brighton which was super special awesome. Including some haunted house places that are in Portslade or something like that. Now the tour went on for an hour but it was distracted.

Here's the story from the BBC Local News
Search for man in sea scaled down - Brighton (Yesterday)

Oh yeah I promised collobrations I have taken part videos will be here and they are here.

This is one from omgmhazzrocks which is absolutely brillant to watch especially Charlie, Ginger Chris, Liam and Dom (MyShowbizName). This is one of the best collobrations I have too. I love Mhazz so much. I actually have a crush with Mhazz so she may not like for a while now lol.

Anyway here's the clip of the collboration

OK I also took part in a collboration with Mallory for Daveyboyz's birthday which was brillant another sort of Talk with Dave thing.

This was brillant to watch. Go check it out it is awesome both of these clips.

There's another collobration that I was in that I haven't found yet or hasn't been put up yet.

Oh Yeah I have two youtube crushes ok they are omgmhazzrocks and Laurbubble ok. I feel like they going to be scared of me. Bye Bye Everyone.

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