Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Cult Rises and Free Gig

Hey guys.

Just another entry into my blog of death. I have had a wierd day today.

First of all when I woke up I was checking my e-mail then I saw that Charlie did a special live on BlogTV and missed it and thought damn. Anyway he recorded a clip around that time with Mhazz and Dave from Blue Skies.

The Clip is called I was thinking What The Fuck?? Anyway they chanted the opening of this page which everyone who was leaving found a bit wierd. If I was there I would have found it wierd Live and probably would have been a little pissed off to be honest I know they did it for fun so credit to Mhazz, Charlie and Dave.

The second part of my day I was in Brighton and then my Mum called me up while I was in Gamestation looking at the Playstation 3 games and said T4 were doing coverage of the brighton beach gig sponsored by Vodafone.

So when I arrived I got a pass badge and went near the stage and the Streets (Mike Skinner) were performing and it was good. I liked the ending with the people bringing Skinner back to stage like a wave which was awesome. It was ok then when they annouced McFly I fucked off for an hour to see something else while waiting for NERD (Pharrell's Funk Rock Group).

Now when NERD were on they were fucking awesome. They played some excellent songs, their crowd interaction was awesome. They played songs we all knew. They got girls up for the final two songs. It was awesome and I left after seeing the two acts I wanted to see.

Great Day


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