Monday, August 25, 2008

I Love Sundays, Computer Game Happenings and Gathering Updates

OK I love sundays on BlogTV.

I love Smivadee's small shows which are truly awesome, nice and laided back, which doesn't need too much attention which I love. Its about life in general like TV Shows in the past and sports which are awesome and you forget about Internet Stuff in general. Smiv is on at 7 every sunday.

Now at 9pm we got Whataboutadam which his shows are awesome to watch. He did Ask Adam with co-hosting but realised it was shit and wont be doing that again. I agree with him it was a good idea but backfired. Anyway he did pictionary and charades which were awesome and original for BlogTV. Then he did Ask Adam and ended the show there.

I have played The Force Unleashed Demo and it is sweet indeed. It is impressive and I can't wait until the 19th of September when it comes out. OK enough about that Game.

Jess (xbrokenmindedx) told me about Guild Wars today which I looked up and it is a role playing game which I haven't played one of them in ages. I cant remember the last role playing game I played. Wierd huh.

Also I booked my tickets for the train to Suffolk so thats great, I need to book tickets to go to Bristol gathering on the 6th of September. Probably do that tomorrow ha ha.

Thats it everyone

Back tomorrow Bye