Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Nerimania Album Review

OK before I begin my review of Nerimania

Heres the rating that I will rate the tracks and overall score at the end.

(*****) - Awesome
(****) - Good
(***) - Average
(**) - Nothing Special
(*) - Shit

OK here's the album cover

OK onto the album

1) Candy Floss (*****) - This is a great number by Alex who uses the Ukelele or whatever it is spelt like and I can't be bothered to look in the dictionary. Anyway I feel the weight of how the ukelele (Dammit Barry get it right next time) was played, it suited Alex's voice really well. I like the title of the song Candy Floss it glosses over what is in store for the rest of the ep. I want to go in and see if the candy/music is right for me. I feel like its deciated to his scottish sweetheart Mhazz and I thinka few of you will agree with me. This is like knocking on the doors to heaven with this track.

2) Feel Good Inc (***) - The riffs were awesome to the suit the song in the mood. Im sorry to say that Alex's voice in this one felt a little out of place which is why I aint rated this track 5 stars. I liked how this opened up with the riffs of going to a spooky place. This reminds me of Scooby Doo for some reason and I dont know why. So Dont ask me. I felt this track was also too short, well not as short as Song 2 by Blur. I prefer the Gorillaz version, sorry Alex but it was a good effort.

3) Youtube Star (*****) - Now this one is a classic track. It is a cover of Nickelback's Rock Star, which Alex performs his own version perfectly. Its like he went to heaven, asked the rock gods to say Yes I am King and deserve immortality. Which has got for this song.

4) Novocaine Rhapsody (*****) - Tell a lie this is the song of immortality. Brillant cover and its like he scored with the rock chicks. He took them to his room, had sex with them all night long to heaven and back. This song is fucking awesome. I remember first hearing this in that fucking stupid 5 vlog tag game that he created which I did like at first but became very annoying after a month into the game. This track is pure classic. Yeah.

5) Fratellilujah (****) - OK I think it is an original song I think that he created himself. Nice touch he entered this in a competition. Riffs are cool in this one sadly it reminds me of a song that was in Shrek years ago that was a bit depressing. Don't ask me the fuck why. I think Alex had no pimp juice when he did this one but a cool song and good effort.

6) Sunday (*****) - The Classic and my favourite track off the EP. I remember leaving a comment to Alex saying it is brillant, the riffs and voice mesh really well and I still think that way for this song. It is a song that you could go out into the garden with your partner and think about them bright days. Its like walking into the gates of heaven and thinking this is paraside. I could go Down Under with this song. Its Alex Day at his best Ladies and Gentlemen. Can I get amen for this one. Hell Yeah.

7) No More (**) - After the classic song of Sunday we come to this, sadly its a shame, maybe I was expecting too much after Sunday. I think the loud riffs put me off but I think it was uploading from a video which Alex has said about most of his album. It sounded like an song that I never heard about. Shame not my cup of tea.

8) Holding On (****) - Really good song that makes you think you are on a boat out in the ocean thinking about the world. So to me its like a mind song. It reminds me that I have a friend down under that I truly missed and this song helps me to think of her. Great song indeed Alex.

9) What You Do (****) - Really laided back that I could connect, the riffs are set right in the song, truly epic but it does fall short because to me it does have same sound as Holding On but in a good way. Great song its like Alex went up to God and slapped him to get this musical gift amen.

10) Whistle For The Choir (feat. Mhairi) (****). This track is cool. It makes me think they got together one night, probably had some candles out and had some wine then once they got in the mood, they had sex with chocolate syrup. Now I know they didnt but the way the track was performed when they did it seems it. Now Im a fan of their singing but it felt out of places at times but by the end their voices meshed well like angels who got drunk the previous night but in a good way.

OK onto my final thoughts

Best Track - Sunday
Worst Track - No More

Alex held on quite well for his EP, really quite impressed, not a fan of indie to be honest but glad to hear this. Really cool stuff.


Thanks for reading.

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Rei Vallejo said...

"Fratellilujah" is actually a mix of songs from THE FRATELLIS (A Brilliant British Band!) as well as JEFF BUCKLEY's song "Hallelujah".