Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Barry Aldridge Asks (2) (Should Mario Retire?)

OK Here is the second edition of Barry Aldridge Asks.

Originally I was going to ask "Who is your greatest Inspiration In Life?" but then when I signed in to MSN and saw the Live today I found this article below

Heres the Article in question - Gaming Goss: Why Mario should retire

Patrick Goss: Columnist - Tech & Gadgets, he wrote saying that Mario should bow out of the world of computer games without losing any intergrity.

OK The question I am asking is Should Mario Retire from the world of video games?

My Opinion is that most Mario games like Mario Kart and Mario Brawl are too similar between each console, but Mario Galaxy was a new revolution within computer games. So I am very mixed in this question.

I have quickly mentioned this in the Bristol Gathering but I thought I'll mention it in more detail.

So what do you think, should Mario Retire or not?

Another entry later


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