Thursday, August 14, 2008

Another New Video Barry, Ali G and Rest From Youtube

OK I have done another video this morning, I was penis poked by JDM525 aka Jonny really nice guy who is a great help.

I have tagged in this Blade376, NSG and Youcantkillnick

Oh Yeah I have been watching the Ali G In Da House Film a bit lately and its a really good film to be honest, I love even if the critics at the time didn't like it.

Anyway here's the main music video called Julie done by Shaggy and Ali G.

OK final thing I have gotten sick and tired of drama going on within Youtube or outside Youtube within the Internet. Im going to take a rest from making youtube videos for at least but dont worry I will still be around watching videos. I feel making videos is now a burden not a joy anymore which I find a shame.

Edit - I may come back quickly but need a couple of days to think things through. I will not be completely gone, I just need a rest.


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Wide-Man said...

Wicked video Ali G is, i love watching it and love the songs in the film