Sunday, August 31, 2008

Youstage + Trock Online (Gatherings)

OK Everyone it hasn't been the 4 days I have been off, well I will explain it along the way down.


OK The Youstage Festival I left on the Friday morning around 11 with my mum helping to get my stuff to the station with me but I think she wanted to give me a goodbye and make sure everything is going to be ok. I got on the 11.10 Train from my home station to London Victoria which got me there 10 minutes later than the information that was given in the train timetable thing I got from the station. so at half 12 I got the London Underground from London Victoria via the Circle Lane going to London Liverpool Street and then waited for half an hour for my Train to go to Marks Tey once I got on the Train I met up with Tom Milsom, Lucy, Tino and his friend I can't remember his name, damn oh well.

Once we got to Marks Tey we got another train and saw I think the Borzoi's sister and her friend wearing some Viva La VLR Stuff which I can't repeat what was said but involved the word of pigeons. Lucy and Tom went to talk to them and I was chilling with Tino and his friend. We got to Sudbury in Suffolk at around ten to 2, where we met up with Mhazz and Ed just outside the station to wait for the shuttle bus. Where we chatted for a bit waiting for the bus. Then the bus arrived around quarter past three. So we got to travel to the festival which took 20 minutes I think I cant remember.

Anyway got to the festival and met up with a lot of the others by the entrance which was great. OK we waited for some time to get to our camp site. Then got to the camp site met up with Myles and Brooke which was cool. Benjy and Spencer was helping me with my tent that Benjy bought with him which was fantastic. Im glad that Georgie was happy that Benjy brought an extra tent. It was a really nice tent Thanks again Benjy. Anyway after a bit I wanted to look around the camp met with Laura, Sophie, Jade, Paul and James.

About a minute later met with Angela + her 2 kids and Dave (SmytsherUK). I helped out with Angela's Luggage. To get to the camp, now afterwards I was able to walk the main festival for 15 minutes then checking on some stuff. Where later on traveled inside the main festival with Jon, Zoe, Dan and I can't remember his name DAMN (Another one). OK I went with them sorting the water as it could be a problem because contain some bits in it. Right we reached around and saw the art room, where Paul (Cheekychen) art work was there. It was great seeing it, then I saw Myles, Paul and others in a group about to do some art work on the back tent hut and it was great seeing people putting up the little pictures and then painting over the tent. Once that was all done I went off to see the woods and that was awesome to see and great experience with the lights in the wood. Its like being in Narina (well I know that it doesn't exist OK). Right around some time later I went back to camp to play some football with Benjy and it was really good. It got to around 9pm and I decided to have some thoughts about life and found a hancock to lay in. I wasn't mend to sleep in it. I went to sleep for around 2 hours I think and the first thing I saw was Tom Burns and Laura.

They went "OMG We found Barry Aldridge", it turned out the others were worried about me. Now this was a surprise to me, because I used to live in an environment where people didn't really look out for each other but I can understand because trust where I used to live can be a problem with certain people I was around. So the others stayed around the hammaocks for a little bit and it was fun. What I can remember afterwards I went back to camp told the others where I was, went to a rave bit for 10 minutes while some of them were drunk. OK I went back to the camp. Tried to sleep but was able at around 2am. Some of the others couldn't sleep and 1 or 2 people only had an hours sleep.

OK Day 2 by around 8.00am when some of us including myself wanted some breakfast from the Tescos in Sudbury. So Ian, Tom Burns, Tom Milsom, Paul, Jade and Myself went off in Ians Car to look for Tescos which took a bit of time. Now Tom Burns wanted to ride in the boot so he did. It took a bit of time to find Tescos which Ian didn't have his Sat Nav but hey we found it in the end and Tom Burns did enjoy riding in the boot. So had some breakfast which was quite nice and then headed back to camp which was half 9 in the morning. Suddenly I got a call from Home telling me about some problems.

Now I will not discuss because it is family business only. So dont ask me on MSN ok. Its between my family and I. So I had to leave which kinda suck, also the call came as luck which I had a funny feeling I probably wouldn't enjoy staying the second night dont know but had to miss the youstagers and others performing. So after a 4 hour trip back home from Sudbury to Lancing I got back to a warm reception from my family and good news was that the problems I mentioned most of them got solved.



Right once I got back I was trying to think if there was something happening once I got back yesterday, after an hour I remembered that Alex Day (Nerimon) was going to do an alternative gathering called the Online Trock gathering on stickam. You had to have a message from the Trock group from Facebook which I think it is. Alex chose a good password even though I aint a fan of the person he was taking the mick out of. Anyway It was Charlie and Alex playing Trock songs, which I was surprised when Alex wants me to review, which I will do. I tried to start last night but my mind was in another place but will review them either Monday or Tuesday If I can. Plus Alex talked the CC album which should come out in either October or November. Alex will explain this in the future hopefully in his diary. But anyway.

Thats it everyone

I will do a normal entry and be back to normal on Monday woooooooooooooooooo.



el director! said...

glad to hear that the gathering was good (for the time you were there).

Ginger Chris said...

OK so this is john, chris, liam, sinead and dave and we're appalled that we didn't get a mention in this blog.