Saturday, August 23, 2008

Brighton - Yesterday with Daveyboyz & Garnet Plus I got A Tent

OK everyone

Yesterday was really good meeting up with Daveyboyz and Garnet in Brighton. I met them dead on 2 o'clock which was excellent. I found out that Garnet had come from all the away from Canada which was great and I started to become a tour guide for the brighton area and while we were walking down the sides of Brighton. Davey mentioned the blog I did the other day, I will be honest I was a bit nervous about that but glad he mentioned it.

Davey gave me his side of the story where the flagging comment he mentioned he was drunk and couldn't remember so thats where the Joke comment came in, There is a bit of history between Davey and Mhazz since May before the Glasgow Gathering, I cant remember what it was about so DONT ASK ME but I know that Davey mentioned a bit of history between them since Glasgow in May.

Anyway after that little discussion we went to Costa Coffee for a sit down then moved on to the Museum where I remember there beening a Ghost Tour thing and we decided to find that and it was in Preston Park just outside of the main land of Brighton. We found out it wasn't the right time for the tour and had to come back saturday which we couldn't do. So we went to a church where Davey had an idea to do a short sketch for his channel. To me it is a good idea, So watch out for a Daveyboyz video that features me and filmed by Garnet.

Once we finished in the church and headed to back towards Brighton but at first we went to a guitar shop which had some really cool stuff and Ukuele as well. They had a spongebob squarepant one that I really liked. Anyway we went to the pub just down the road. Davey and myself started to talk about Youtube things that include Charlie, Myles, Makemebad35 and other stuff. It was great just chilling out in the pub, I will reveal why I am actually kinda shy to talk to Charlie (Charlieissocoollike) and will do a blog on it one day, which I mentioned to Davey.

OK after the pub we went down to the seafront where we did something a secret which I can not reveal until another time. The evening ended and it got a bit stressful which I think Garney got a headache and I felt like heading home so I did.

OK I got back home and Mhazz asked for something which I said Yes sadly its a secret so I can't say what it was. OK Benjy and GeorgieBoom gave me some good news that they will lend me a tent for the gathering next weekend which is awesome so now I only need a sleeping bag. So Thanks Georgie for the tent and thanks Benjy for telling me as well.

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