Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My First Mail From Overseas, No Go For Me On Youstage, Missing Ones I care about & The Game Feat. Lil Wayne - My Life (Video)

I woke up after a 4 hour sleep after being on one of the best blogtv shows ever with Mhazz (Fanboy alert - I know, I know), I got a package from Toronto, Ontario Canada.

It was from Mugglesam who is one of the nicest people you could ever meet, I met her back in February when Nalts came over to the UK. Anyway Sam send me a Muggle Power badge which made me really happy. Like I said Sam is one of the nicest people I have ever met.

MuggleSam's Youtube Channel

Really cheered up my morning.

Bad news I may not be able to attend the Youstage Festival after sending an e-mail to the Youstage that I was coming. Now I will send Myles an e-mail today to explain about this. I would find Suffolk to get to really difficult to be honest plus I know its sad but I got to save my money even though I got some money but I am worried once I spent on camping equipment because it is a three day I would never use again. I felt the organisation skills for this gathering have been a let down but I can understand if there were some problems with contacting and arranging the gathering.

OK I have been thinking about some of my real life friends who have known maybe for the last couple of years or friends I have known since I was either at Primary school, Secondary or 6th Form days. Arron who was with me at NSG's gathering back on the 8th is considered to be one of my best friends who always shows respect even though we get into bad situations which all friends do, I respect Arron a real lot. Going to see him today.

I still miss Jo very much who I consider as a sister to me, she is in Fiji doing a tour, we spoke Facebook the other week and it was great to hear from her. She considered me a best bud on Facebook which was good. She wants to meet with her best Friend Nicola and myself to do something nice involving some music from Michael Jackson hopefully.

I really miss Nicola as well also she considers me as her Little Brother, if I get to see her it would be one of the best days of my life. Nicola is possibly one of the nicest people I have ever met. She always gives a helping hand to me and anyone who needs it. She has a big group of friends who will always support her. She never lets her emotions go which I consider this a strong quality about my friend Nicola.
She was very pleased that I got Facebook which made me happy. Nicola I want to see you again one day if you are reading this.
To Finish I know I featured this on my blog but I consider one of the best rap tracks of all time. It is a true testmiony of hip hop can do if placed in the right hands.


This is such a deep track that I can understand on certain levels but not fully because I never grew in the hood they say but the track is so deep reminds me of listening to the emotional rap that deals with life, God, Women and losing someone you care about.

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el director! said...

Great blog Barry and when you see Aron (and I may be too late for this) please ask him where his youtube channel has gone to?