Thursday, August 07, 2008

Upcoming from Barry Aldridge, Everyone has Autoplay on Youtube and Banana Sandwichs

Right lately I have been blog entries nearly every day but lately it has been early day, wierd to me but Im really happy doing this because it is awesome.

OK I have heard that everybody on youtube now has autoplay even the users who aint partners. Now I hate being negative about anything about youtube but I am sad to say that to me it isn't a good idea at all, I think the autoplay made sure to tell you which users are partners and which ones who didn't have autoplay aren't partners. I think Youtube messed up here. But in a positive way I will admit it can help out the smaller users who have trouble with exposure they get their chance to shine and get the views they need and some should deserve.

Moving on I love Banana Sandwichs, they are the best thing ever to eat they are so awesome. I remember my first ever one back in 1994 I think after Manchester United won the Premier League Title and they said on Big Breakfast news which was a show on Channel 4 years ago that Banana and Jam Sandwichs helped them to win the title and I tried them and love them ever since.

I will do another blog later with a video attached which is my latest one which Im editing and rendering right now.


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Jon said...

I like that everyone has autoplay as it merges the gap between partners and other users. I also think that it would be good to let users have banners, so that the only difference is that partners can put adverts on their videos. Segregation is bad in any community.