Monday, August 18, 2008

MyBoxxCollective and Update on Youstage Gathering

Hey Everyone just a short entry right here because I have done a lot of long entries over the last couple of days.

Anyway first of all I am really enjoying now the MyBoxxCollective project I am apart of with NSG, Jazza and Laura. It is a really cool idea that came up and glad to be apart of it. At the moment we sticking to doing blogs for the time being, we probably need to discuss one day how are we going to progress then hopefully one day we can compete with other media magazine sites.

Heres the MyBoxxCollective Blog - MyBoxxCollective Magazine Blog

OK onto the second subject. I was talking to Daveyboyz eariler today and got some sad news that the Youstage is going ahead but its no longer a three day event but now a one day event which I found really sad. Now Davey says that finding festivals in London could be very difficult, so I suggest an idea for a theme park for the Youstage gathering which Davey likes. I suggest Alton Towers then Davey realised it could be difficult for people to get to Alton Towers.

The reason I suggested Alton Towers to Davey is because it is in the central of England where everyone could get to and dont have to travel far but forgot that it is out in the middle of nowhere.

Hopefully we will get some details on what the gathering hopefully this week, I wish it was planned better in which Davey understands and agrees with me.

OK Speak about Davey. Davey and Godgarnet are coming down to Brighton on Friday which should be awesome and be great to meet them in general. Then on Saturday I will be meeting NSG to see his home studio AWESOME. Great two days to come.

Oh yeah The Game's new single My Life Feat. Lil Wayne now has a video and here it is

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