Thursday, August 28, 2008

Last Entry for 4 Days, Stevenbridges1 and MSN Conversation With MusicFromBlueSkies

Ok Everyone

Tomorrow is Youstage Festival for the weekend and I wont be able to update this blog sadly, as I will be away for the 4 days. I believe it could be one of the best gatherings ever. It has a certain element about how passionate we are about the gathering in general. I heard that not all the free tickets have been taken from seeing a list on Youstage's latest video, which it is good news for people who still want to go. I heard a couple of people have dropped out. Jonny (JDM525) told me in a text that he cant come which is a shame.

Oh yeah I have found a youtuber called Stevenbridges1, check out his channel it is really cool, I spoke to him for the first time on Mhazzs BlogTV on Tuesday Night/Wednesday Morning GMT. Please subscribe to him, he does some really cool vlogs and did an awesome magic trick. Hes only been on Youtube for a month.

Here's his channel - StevenBridges1 Youtube Channel

Heres a couple of videos for you to check

Here's the magic trick I mentioned -

Vlog about The Dark Knight

Vlog about Life Fact Changings

Now I was talking to Dave from Blue Skies for the first time on MSN which is weird because I have known him since Christmas and I felt it was about time for a chat.

Now I think we came out with one of the greatest conversations of randomness ever.

Now Dave put this on his blog and I hope he doesnt mind me putting it on my blog. So here it is.

Barry Aldridge says:
Hey Dave

OMG it’s Dave from Blue Skies! says:

Barry Aldridge says:
hows it going? I never talked to you on MSN before.

OMG it’s Dave from Blue Skies! says:
I know, our first conversation, and I always see people having hilarious msn chats with you, so this better be good!

OMG it’s Dave from Blue Skies! says:
Quick, say something funny!

Barry Aldridge says:

OMG it’s Dave from Blue Skies! says:

Barry Aldridge says:

OMG it’s Dave from Blue Skies! says:
oh still going

Barry Aldridge says:

OMG it’s Dave from Blue Skies! says:
you can stop arbitrarily naming food at any point

Barry Aldridge says:
anyway moving on from that.

Brillant stuff and really funny randomness. Probably will never happen again in a long time.

OK see you guys and girls soon. Im off to get things sorted for Youstage.

Edited at 5.30pm GMT - I was looking through my twitter page and found out that JDM525 aka Jonny is coming to Youstage after all Yeah Yeah.

Edited on Friday 29th August at 8.50am - Well this is it, The Youstage gathering starts this afternoon, to be honest I am nervous about this but I know its going to be good. Speak to you guys soon.

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Stevenbridges1 said...

Hey Barry! Thanks for the reccomendation! I've only just realized you did this as you did it before I knew your blog existed. Thank you very much :-)