Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Short Blog About Today and Yesterday's Surprises

OK Here is some thoughts from Mr Barry Aldridge.

OK I had a wierd day again, so nothing has happened in my part which is a shame. I need to find something to make me feel good in general. I watched some more Sooty which is good in my part.

OK Yesterday I received two surprises.

1) Charlieissocoollike from the five awesome guys recommended the Five Awesome Guys Subscribers to me which was a shocker, but he has done this once before back in February but Im glad to get more exposure. Thank You Charlie.

2) I had a few phone calls from Jess (XbrokenmindedX) and Benjy (DoctorBenjy) which was good they played a good game on me that they had a falling out thing and it was pretty funny. I think they both cool seriously and all that.

Thats all I got to say today.

OH YEAH - Video of the Day

Its from Daveyboyz, I know some people reading may not like Daveyboyz but I found this video really quite funny. Davey reminds of Angus Deayton when he used to present Have I Got News For You



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