Monday, August 25, 2008

DoctorBenjy Channel Recommendation, Videos Of The Week (13)

I Know I mention this in my latest video that I have now done another channel recommendation and have moved DoctorBenjy forward, now I didn't have time to look at Dom's (MyshowbizName) choice, sorry about that. But will do Ornsack in the future which I have seen a couple of their videos which are really good.

DoctorBenjy Channel Recommendation -

Here are my videos of the week that you should watch

First one is a serious one from Purplepiratepixie which deals with HIV + AIDS and she gives out some serious advice.

The second video I really liked just came out this morning from NSG, OK im involved with this but it is really good beatboxing Yeah

I love it so much. I want out this morning when I had friends sending me the video.

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