Thursday, August 21, 2008

It is an effing parody OK.

Hello everyone

OK Surprising that I am doing a second entry for today. OK its about the entry I did yesterday called "My Day In Brighton - Awesomeness and Collobration Videos I have Taken Part In."

Now in the entry I put in the collobration clip I did for Mhazz which was called a Talk with Mhazz which I thought was really funny and glad I took part in it. A lot of people like that clip and glad to take part. Now someone has claimed copyright on the whole thing which I find really funny because in my opinion in the simplest form IT IS A FUCKING PARODY. Sorry for the swearing everyone but I feel there is nothing wrong with the clip maybe some jealously and bitterness which I find shocking. Its a parody of a talk show on youtube that is really well done.

Now Parodies can find loopholes within copyright depending on the situation. Now one of the first ever vlogs I ever watched on youtube was done by Blunty3000. I know I know, some of you dont like him but he made an excellent video to explain about copyright on a guy called Littlekuriboh who no longer makes videos on youtube. Blunty understood that if someone uploads a episode of a cartoon series that is already on television then it is breaking copyright laws, now Littlekuriboh just used portions of a cartoon show and put his own voices whilst keeping to the original storyline then it is a parody which doesnt break copyright laws.

Now I know it must be confusing for you

Heres Bluntys original video to explain.

Now what does it have to do with Mhazz's video I believe it is a parody of a talk show that exists on Youtube. So I think there is nothing wrong and if youtube take it down then it is a shame. I think the person who said it is breaking copyright is a bit of jealous and a bit bitter which I find a shame. This person should be laughing with it not saying it is breaking copyright.

Sorry for this type of blog but I feel that way. Look at the video and you tell me what you think if it is a) breaking copyright or b) just a parody.

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