Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Bristol Gathering Here I Come

OK on the 6th Of September 2008 I will be going to JacobDyerMedia's Bristol Gathering which is super special awesome. I booked the tickets this morning Now I always wanted to go to Bristol, as it is one of the places I have never been to in the Westcountry. I heard a few people will be going to this gathering which is awesome. I heard Charlie is going after watching his BlogTV last night when it was mentioned.

Heres the the video

This should be fun indeed, it is nice to have a gathering in a different place indeed. I dont mind London but like Jacob said in his video, why aint anywhere esle in the country got a gathering. So Yeah Bristol Baby Yeah.

OH YEAH one more thing

Please read this article - Gaming Goss: Why Mario should retire

Shocking article.

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Jon said...

See you there! Also at YouStage this week.